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Itri 4
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Nome #
Chapter 9. PHA Copolymers from Microbial Mixed Cultures: Synthesis, Extraction and Related Properties 654
Celle di elettrolisi microbiche per la il recupero energetico e la depurazione di acque reflue civili 163
Estrazione di Poliidrossialcanoati (PHA) da colture microbiche miste (MMC): performance estrattive ed effetti sulle caratteristiche del polimero 104
A bulking sludge with high storage response selected under intermittent feeding 103
Carbon recovery from wastewater through bioconversion into biodegradable polymers 97
An aerobic fixed-phase biofilm reactor system for the degradation of the low-molecular weight aromatic compounds occurring in the effluents of anaerobic digestors treating olive mill wastewaters 96
Relative contribution of set cathode potential and external mass transport on TCE dechlorination in a continuous-flow bioelectrochemical reactor 90
Pilot-scale performance of PHA production from municipal solid waste using mixed microbial cultures (MMC) 88
Clay adsorption of lead from landfill leachate 87
Electrochemically driven fermentation of organic substrates with undefined mixed microbial cultures 87
Bioelectrochemical reduction of CO2 to CH4 via direct and indirect extracellular electron transfer by a hydrogenophilic methanogenic culture 86
Microbial competition for the organic substrates and its impact on EBPR systems under conditions of changing carbon feed 85
Modeling of pretreatment and acidogenic fermentation of organic fraction of municipal solid wastes 84
Heavy metal speciation in landfill leachates by exchange on Chelex 100 resin 83
Stechiometria e cinetica della crescita cellulare 83
Organic fraction of municipal solid waste recovery by conversion into added-value polyhydroxyalkanoates and biogas 81
Acidogenic fermentation of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes 80
Reductive/oxidative sequential bioelectrochemical process for perchloroethylene removal 80
Conducting polymers for ion sensor membranes as detectors for use in ion chromatography 78
Impact of nitrogen feeding regulation on polyhydroxyalkanoates production by mixed microbial cultures 78
Biological treatment of tannery wastewater in the presence of chromium 77
Effect of culture residence time on substrate uptake and storage by a pure culture of Thiothrix (CT3 strain) under continuous or batch feeding 77
Bioelectrochemical approach for reductive and oxidative dechlorination of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (CAHs) 76
Some physiological properties of an italian isolate of Microthrix Parvicella 76
The distribution and movement of polyphosphate and associated cations in sludges from NDEBPR plants in different configurations at pilot scale 74
Optimization of urban waste fermentation for volatile fatty acids production 74
Behaviour of different eluents and stabilizing agents in the determination of sulphite in water by ion-chromatography 73
Field study of in situ anaerobic bioremediation of a chlorinated solvent source zone 73
Aluminium and iron separation from chromium solutions by precipitation with cupferron 73
Influence of storage on kinetic selection to control aerobic filamentous bulking 72
The storage of acetate under anoxic conditions 72
Effect of the anode feeding composition on the performance of a continuous-flow methane-producing microbial electrolysis cell 72
Enhancing a multi-stage process for olive oil mill wastewater valorization towards polyhydroxyalkanoates and biogas production 72
CARD-FISH analysis of a TCE-dechlorinating biocathode operated at different set potentials 71
Autotrophic acetate production under hydrogenophilic and bioelectrochemical conditions with a thermally treated mixed culture 71
Metabolic analysis of the removal of formic acid by unacclimated activated sludge 70
Aerobic metabolism of mixed carbon sources in sequencing batch reactor under pulse and continuous feeding 70
Effect of micropollutants (organic xenobiotics and heavy metals) in the activated sludge process 70
Enrichment of activated sludge in a sequencing batch reactor for polyhydroxyalkanoate production 70
Assessing anaerobic biodegradability of polymeric materials under acidogenic or methanogenic conditions 69
An urban biorefinery for food waste and biological sludge conversion into polyhydroxyalkanoates and biogas 69
Dynamics of the anaerobic utilization of organic substrates in an anaerobic/aerobic sequencing batch reactor 68
Comparison of carbon storage under aerobic and anoxic conditions 67
Novel routes for urban bio-waste management: A combined acidic fermentation and anaerobic digestion process for platform chemicals and biogas production 67
Effect of periodic feeding on substrate uptake and storage rates by a pure culture of Thiothrix (CT3 strain) 67
Influence of the set anode potential on the performance and internal energy losses of a methane-producing microbial electrolysis cell 66
Anaerobic transformation of tetrachloroethane, perchloroethylene, and their mixtures by mixed-cultures enriched from contaminated soils and sediments 65
Aerobic storage by activated sludge on real wastewater 65
Polyhydroxyalkanoates production with mixed microbial cultures: from culture selection to polymer recovery in a high-rate continuous process 65
Impact of fermentation residues on the thermal, structural, and rheological properties of polyhydroxy(butyrate-co-valerate) produced from cheese whey and olive oil mill wastewater 65
Kinetic and phylogenetic characterization of an anaerobic dechlorinating microbial community 64
Aerobic storage under dynamic conditions in the activated sludge process 64
Olive oil mill effluents as a feedstock for production of biodegradable polymers 64
Calorimetry: a tool for assessing microbial activity under aerobic and anoxic conditions 64
Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from sludge and municipal wastewater treatment 64
Two-reactor system with partial phase separation for anaerobic treatment of olive oil mill effluents 64
Treatment of tannery wastewater in a sequencing batch reactor 63
Anaerobic acidogenic digestion of olive mill wastewaters in biofilm reactors packed with ceramic filters or granular activated carbon 63
Use of Poly-β-hydroxy-butyrate as a slow-release electron donor for the microbial reductive dechlorination of TCE 63
Thermal stability of polyhydroxyalkanoates 63
The behaviour of polyphosphate accumulating Acinetobacter isolates in an anaerobic aerobic chemostat 62
Relevance of side reactions in anaerobic reductive dechlorination microcosms amended with different electron donors 62
Kinetics of trichloroethene dechlorination and methane formation by a mixed anaerobic culture in a bio-electrochemical system 62
Characterization of an electro-active biocathode capable of dechlorinating trichloroethene and cis-dichloroethene to ethene 62
Glutamic acid removal and PHB storage in the activated sludge process under dynamic conditions 62
Effect of pH on the production of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoates by mixed cultures enriched under periodic feeding 61
Biological phosphorus removal with different organic substrates in an anaerobic/aerobic sequencing batch reactor 61
Analytical problems in the definition of material balances in the incineration of urban sludge 61
Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) storage within a mixed-culture biomass with simultaneous growth as a function of accumulation substrate nitrogen and phosphorus levels 61
Effect of feed length on settleability, substrate uptake and storage in a sequencing batch reactor treating an industrial wastewater 61
Interaction between acidogenesis and methanogenesis in the anaerobic treatment of olive oil mill effluents 61
Chromium recovery from tannery sludge by incineration and acid extraction 60
Role of lipids and phenolic compounds in the anaerobic treatment of olive oil mill effluents 60
Anion vs cation exchange membrane strongly affect mechanisms and yield of CO2 fixation in a microbial electrolysis cell 60
Microbiome dynamics and phaC synthase genes selected in a pilot plant producing polyhydroxyalkanoate from the organic fraction of urban waste 60
Modeling the competitive adsorption of Pb, Cu, Cd and Ni onto a natural heterogeneous sorbent material (Italian “Red Soil”) 60
Characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesized from microbial mixed cultures and of their nanobiocomposites with bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers 60
Competition for H2 between sulfate reduction and dechlorination in butyrate-fed anaerobic cultures 59
Theoretical and experimental analysis of the role of sludge age on the removal of adsorbed micropollutants in activated sludge processes 59
Exploiting olive oil mill effluents as a renewable resource for production of biodegradable polymers through a combined anaerobic-aerobic process 58
Microbial Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethene to Ethene With Electrodes Serving as Electron Donors Without the External Addition of Redox Mediators 58
Two-side cathode microbial electrolysis cell for nutrients recovery and biogas upgrading 58
Respirometric evaluation and modelling of acetate utilization in sequencing batch reactor under pulse and continuous feeding 58
Ammonium recovery and biogas upgrading in a tubular micro-pilot microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) 58
Comment on “Microbiology and biochemistry of the enhanced biological phosphate removal process. Review Paper” by T.Mino, M.C.M. Van Loosdrecht and J.J.Heijnen 57
Food wastes and sewage sludge as feedstock for an urban biorefinery producing biofuels and added value bio-products 57
Role of storage phenomena on removal of different substrates during pre-denitrification 57
Assessment of natural or enhanced in situ bioremediation at a chlorinated solvent-contaminated aquifer in Italy: a microcosm study 57
Production of bacterial nanobiocomposites of polyhydroxyalkanoates derived from waste and bacterial nanocellulose by the electrospinning enabling melt compounding method 56
Feed frequency in a Sequencing Batch Reactor strongly affects the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from volatile fatty acids 56
Influence of mediator immobilization on the electrochemically assisted microbial dechlorination of trichloroethene (TCE) and cis-dichloroethene (cis-DCE) 55
Effect of the length of the cycle on biodegradable polymer production and microbial community selection in a sequencing batch reactor 55
null 55
Perspectives of biofuels production from renewable resources with bioelectrochemical systems 55
Polychlorinated biphenyl profile in polyhydroxy-alkanoates synthetized from urban organic wastes 55
Sludge minimization in municipal wastewater treatment by polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production 55
Optimization of mercury removal from chloroalkali industrial wastewater by starch xanthate 54
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