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Continente #
NA - Nord America 4880
EU - Europa 1512
AS - Asia 581
SA - Sud America 98
AF - Africa 20
OC - Oceania 3
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
Totale 7096
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 4835
IT - Italia 462
UA - Ucraina 376
IN - India 365
CN - Cina 200
SE - Svezia 178
FI - Finlandia 172
DE - Germania 108
AR - Argentina 85
GB - Regno Unito 84
CA - Canada 42
RO - Romania 33
FR - Francia 23
DK - Danimarca 19
TG - Togo 16
BE - Belgio 14
IQ - Iraq 12
NL - Olanda 9
IE - Irlanda 8
ES - Italia 7
PL - Polonia 7
EC - Ecuador 6
RU - Federazione Russa 6
CL - Cile 5
ZA - Sudafrica 4
AU - Australia 3
MX - Messico 3
BR - Brasile 2
EU - Europa 2
PH - Filippine 2
PT - Portogallo 2
VA - Santa Sede (Città del Vaticano) 2
AT - Austria 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IR - Iran 1
RS - Serbia 1
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Città #
Fairfield 751
Chandler 554
Woodbridge 355
Seattle 285
Wilmington 269
Ashburn 267
Houston 253
Cambridge 231
Princeton 196
Plano 187
Dearborn 167
Jacksonville 156
Beijing 129
Ann Arbor 126
Rome 117
Millbury 105
Boston 88
Federal 85
San Paolo di Civitate 71
Des Moines 64
Lawrence 56
San Diego 55
Andover 51
Frankfurt am Main 46
Southend 42
Boardman 41
Norwalk 32
Toronto 23
Falls Church 20
Lomé 16
Ottawa 15
Brussels 14
Grafing 14
Milan 14
San Mateo 14
Hefei 11
Kunming 10
Dublin 8
Guangzhou 8
Nanjing 7
Quito 6
Trumbull 6
Campi Salentina 5
Jinan 5
Laurel 5
Terni 5
Warsaw 5
Auburn Hills 4
London 4
Nanchang 4
Torino 4
Angera 3
Aprilia 3
Buffalo 3
Celaya 3
Hebei 3
Indiana 3
Leawood 3
Los Angeles 3
Lyngby 3
Molise 3
Muizenberg 3
New York 3
Padova 3
Barcelona 2
Bari 2
Bilbao 2
Brindisi 2
Camerino 2
Centro 2
Chengdu 2
Corciano 2
Dallas 2
Francavilla Fontana 2
Genova 2
Hangzhou 2
Mede 2
Montreal 2
Montréal 2
Nancy 2
Novoli 2
Nürnberg 2
Occhiobello 2
Pescara 2
Polska 2
Quezon 2
Redmond 2
Redwood City 2
Rio de Janeiro 2
Sassari 2
Shaoxing 2
Turin 2
Uzzano 2
Venezia 2
Alghero 1
Anzio 1
Arnsberg 1
Bangor 1
Baotou 1
Berlin 1
Totale 5111
Nome #
Impianto di illuminazione a LEDs e relativo procedimento per inibire lo sviluppo di organismi biodeteriogeni fotosintetici in ambienti ipogei 95
Determinazione di Nicotina, Nicotinammide ed Acido Nicotinico nel Tabacco ed in Farmaci Commerciali mediante un Biosensore ad Inibizione 93
Butyrylcholine enzyme sensor for determining organophosphorus inhibitors 91
Confronto di due nuovi metodi di analisi per la determinazione della lecitina contenuta in matrici alimentari e integratori dietetici 89
Ecopharmacology: Deliberated or casual dispersion of pharmaceutical principles, phytosanitary, personal health care and veterinary products in environment needs a multivariate analysis or expert systems for the control, the measure and the remediation 84
Studio multidisciplinare sui mitrei di Ostia Antica 83
A multivariate approach for a comparison of big data matrices. Case study: thermo-hygrometric monitoring inside the Carcer Tullianum (Rome) in the absence and in the presence of visitors 81
Enzyme-entrapping membranes for enzyme sensors 80
Tyrosinase biosensor response as a function of physical properties of organic solvents 78
Direct methanol (Or ethanol) fuel cell as enzymatic or non-enzymatic device, used to check ethanol in several pharmaceutical and forensic samples 78
Benzene degradation pathways investigated by a human tissue based biosensor 74
A new enzyme inhibition sensor for the organophosphorus pesticides analysis 72
Analytical characterization of corrosion products of copper and its alloys on stained stone surfaces 72
Zeolite based photocatalytic membranes for the treatments of industrial effluents. Preliminary results 68
A new organic phase enzyme electrode for the analysis of organophosphorus pesticides and carbamates 68
Applications of biopolymers to processes of environmental control 68
A cheap protocol for colour measure and for diagnostic in planning a cultural heritage restoration. Case study: main façade of Palazzo Governi (Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy) 67
A mathematical, experimental study on iron rings formation in porous stones 66
null 64
An algal biosensor for the monitoring of water toxicity in estuarine environments 63
Iron stains on paper. Can electrophoretic removal become an effective alternative to chemical cleaning? 63
Investigation of organic phase biosensor for measuring glucose in flow injection analysis system 63
Inhibition enzyme sensor for nicotine, nicotinamide and nicotinic acid determination 62
Preliminary Study to Set up a Non Destructive In Situ Method to Monitor Soluble Salts Content in Stone Materials; The Usefulness of a Multivariate Approach 61
The effect of organic solvent properties on the response of a tyrosinase enzyme sensor 61
New enzyme sensors for urea and creatinine analysis 60
An enzyme sensor for determination of acetylcholine and choline in rat brain extracts 60
Spring waters and the birth of a civilization, sacred waters of Roman Forum, physical chemical analysis of the sources in the III millennium, preliminary measurements 60
Proposal of a new analytical procedure for the measurement of water absorption by stone. Preliminary study for an alternative to the Italian technical normative NORMAL 07-81 60
XPS characterization of (copper-based) coloured stains formed on limestone surfaces of outdoor Roman monuments 59
New methods of analysis and control of biological fluids, drugs and foods 58
A new assay for choline - containing phospholipids in amniotic fluid by an enzyme sensor 58
Sensitive membrane ISFETs for nitrate analysis in waters 58
Dexamethasone-dependent modulation of human lymphoblastoid B cell line through sphingosine production 58
A study on solid state PVC membrane ISEs for cholate analysis 56
Ancient coins: cluster analysis applied to find a correlation between corrosion process and burial soil characteristics 56
Microclimate monitoring in the Carcer Tullianum: Temporal and spatial correlation and gradients evidenced by multivariate analysis; first campaign 56
Looking if any correlation exists between the total antioxidant capacity and polyphenol concentration (measured using two different enzyme sensors) in several food or feed based vegetables and pharmaceutical integrators 56
Second campaign of microclimate monitoring in the carcer tullianum: temporal and spatial correlation and gradients evidenced by multivariate analysis 56
New methods of analysis and control of biological fluids, drugs and foods 55
The Effect on Organic Solvent Properties on a Catalase Enzyme Sensor for Monitoring Hydrogen Peroxide in non Aqueous Solutions 55
Organophosphorus Pesticide (Paraoxon) Analysis using Solid State Sensors 55
Analysis of several real matrices using new mono-, bi-enzymatic, or inhibition organic phase enzyme electrodes 55
Further development of catalase, tyrosinase and glucose oxidase based organic phase enzyme electrode response as a function of organic solvent properties 55
Determination of hydroperoxides in non aqueous solvents or mixed solvents, using a biosensor with two antagonist enzymes operating in parallel 54
Two OPEEs (organic phase enzyme electrodes) used to check the percentage water content in hydrophobic foods and drugs 54
Enzymatic probes able to work in organic solvent for the determination of water content in hydrophobic matrixes 54
A new organic phase for the analysis of organophosphorus pesticides and carbamates 53
A new method to remove copper corrosion stains from stone surfaces 53
Photodegradation of azodyes: Comparison of different catalytic systems and control of the effective mineralisation 53
Chemometric investigation of some analytical methods used for the chemical test of foetal lung maturity 53
Enzyme sensor for the determination of choline - containing phospholipids in some biological fluids 52
Suitable potentiometric enzyme sensors for urea and creatinine 52
Cholanic acids determined in commercial drugs by means of a new ISFET device 51
A multidisciplinary diagnostic approach preliminary to the restoration of the country church “San Maurizio” located in Ittiri (SS), Italy 51
Hydroperoxide determination by a catalase OPEE: application to the study of extra virgin olive oil rancidification process 50
New enzyme sensor for phenol determination in non-aqueous and aqueous medium 50
Suitable ion-selective sensors for lead and cadmium analysis 49
Yeast-DMFC device using glucose as fuel: analytical and energetic applications. Preliminary results 48
Characterization of Rome’s rainwater in the early of 2018 aiming to find correlations between chemical-physical parameters and sources of pollution: a statistical study 48
Determination of phenol in wastes and water using an enzyme sensor 48
Flow injection analysis of cholic acids in pharmaceutical preparations using a polymeric membrane ISE as detector 48
Spectroscopic investigation of iron stains on carbonatic stones 47
Organic phase enzyme electrodes: applications and theoretical studies 46
New Enzyme sensor for sulfite analysis in sea and river water samples 46
Photostability and toxicity of Finasteride, Diclofenac and Naproxen under simulating sunlight exposure: evaluation of the toxicity trend and of the packaging photoprotection. 45
Non-invasive analysis of soluble salts. Preliminary results on the case study of Casa di Diana Mithreum (Archaeological site of Ostia Antica - Italy) 44
Ecopharmacology: the Deliberated or Casual Dispersion of Pharmaceutical Principles, Phytosanitary, Personal Health Care and Veterinary Products in Environment Needs a Multivariate Analysis or an Expert Systems for the Control, the Measure and the Remediation. 44
Aspartate analysis in formulations using a new enzyme sensor 44
organic phase enzyme electrodes for the determination of pesticides, phenols, aromatic hydrocarbons as environmental pollutants 43
TG and NMR analysis of commercial plant oil seeds 43
Preliminary Study to Set Up a non Destructive in Situ Method to Monitor Soluble Salts Content in Stone Materials; the Usefulness of a Multivariate Approach 42
Organic Phase Enzyme Electrodes for the Determination of Pesticides, Phenols, Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Radicals as Environmental Pollutants 41
Organophosphorus Pesticide Analysis Using Solid State Sensors 40
3rd International Meeting on Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry to Cultural Heritage and Environment 39
A new catalase enzyme sensor able to determine the hydrogen peroxide directly in chloroform 38
Acetylcholine and glycerophosphorylcholine analysis by enzyme sensors 38
Enzymatic immobilisation in kappa-carrageenan gel suitable for organic phase enzyme electrode (OPEE) assembly 38
Degradazione di inquinanti organici recalcitranti mediante catalizzatori misti 37
A new salycilate ISFET for the determination of salicylic and acetylsalicylic acid in drugs 36
Application of Biopolymers to Processes of Environmental Control 36
Chimica per l'Arte 36
Moisture and ashes determination in foodstuffs by TG analysis 35
Biosensors for the analysis of benzene, in air of Roma 35
Total phenol analysis in olive oil and derivatives using a biosensor working in organic solvents 35
Determinazioni di Inquinanti (Pesticidi, Fenoli e Radicali) mediante Biosensori Operanti in Solvente Organico (OPEEs) 35
New Analytical Procedure for a Non Invasive Analysis of Soluble Salts in Frescos Using a Statistical Sampling Method 35
Biosensori per il controllo ambientale 34
A simple measurement system for chemfet devices and two new ISFETs for the environmental analysis 34
1st International Meeting on Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics for Cultural Heritage and Environment 34
Physical-chemical characterization of black crusts coming from Cagliari Town Hall,"Palazzo Bacaredda", Cagliari (Italy) 34
Un nuovo metodo per la determinazione enzimatica di pesticidi 33
Analysis of pharmaceutical interest by new ISFET devices 33
Determinazione del contenuto in fenoli dell'olio di oliva, mediante un biosensore operante in n-esano 33
A New Inhibition Bienzymatic OPEE for the Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides and Carbamates 33
Determinazione del Contenuto di Polifenoli nei Vini e di Fenoli Totali nell’Olio di Oliva e Derivati, per Mezzo di Biosensori a Tirosinasi 32
Studio microclimatico 32
Indagini diagnostiche sulla statua lignea policroma Madonna di Loreto 31
Totale 5360
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