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Craniofacial malformation: update in early fetal diagnosis 1-gen-2011 Arangio, Paolo; Pacifici, Andrea; Manganaro, L.; Cascone, Piero
TMJ functional surgery in internal derangement 1-gen-2011 Cascone, Piero; Arangio, Paolo; Vellone, Valentino; Pacifici, Andrea; Leonardi, Alessandra
The influence of smoking and surgical technique on the accuracy of mucosa-suppoted stereolithographic surgical guide in complete edentulous upper jaws 1-gen-2012 Cassetta, Michele; Pompa, Giorgio; DI CARLO, Stefano; Piccoli, Luca; Pacifici, Andrea; Pacifici, Luciano
Platelet Rich Fibrin (P.R.F.) in Reconstructive Surgery of Atrophied Maxillary Bones: Clinical and Histological Evaluations 1-gen-2012 Marco, Tatullo; M., Marrelli; Cassetta, Michele; Pacifici, Andrea; L. V., Stefanelli; S., Scacco; G., Dipalma; Pacifici, Luciano; F., Inchingolo
Use of dermal-fat grafts in the post-oncological reconstructive surgery of atrophies in the zygomatic region: clinical evaluations in the patients undergone to previous radiation therapy 1-gen-2012 Francesco, Inchingolo; Marco, Tatullo; Pacifici, Andrea; Marco, Gargari; Alessio D., Inchingolo; Angelo M., Inchingolo; Gianna, Dipalma; Massimo, Marrelli; Fabio M., Abenavoli; Pacifici, Luciano
Oral focal mucinosis of the tongue: A rare clinical case 1-gen-2012 Pacifici, Luciano; Meleo, D.; Pompa, Giorgio; Pacifici, A.; Gambarini, Gianluca; Testarelli, Luca
ACCURACY OF IMPLANT INSERTION BY USING TWO DIFFERENT TYPE OF STEREOLITOGRAPHIC SURGICAL TEMPLATES 1-gen-2012 Cassetta, Michele; Pacifici, A.; Stefanelli, L. V.; Carbone, D.; Marcucci, A.; Pacifici, Luciano
Incidence and intensivity of postoperative pain and periapical inflammation after endodontic treatment with two different instrumentation techniques 1-gen-2012 Gambarini, Gianluca; D., Al Sudani; DI CARLO, Stefano; Pompa, Giorgio; Pacifici, Andrea; Pacifici, Luciano; Testarelli, Luca
Importance of Fetal MRI in Evaluation of Craniofacial Deformities 1-gen-2013 Paolo, Arangio; Manganaro, Lucia; Pacifici, Andrea; Emanuela, Basile; Cascone, Piero
CHARGE syndrome: an overview on dental and maxillofacial features 1-gen-2014 Inchingolo, F; Pacifici, Andrea; Gargari, M; Acitores Garcia, Ji; Amantea, M; Marrelli, M; Dipalma, G; Inchingolo, Am; Rinaldi, R; Inchingolo, Ad; Pacifici, Luciano; Tatullo, M.
Dental and Maxillofacial Alterations in Patients Affected From Odontochondrodysplasia: A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature 1-gen-2014 Francesco, Inchingolo; Chiara, Derla; Pacifici, Andrea; Raffaele, Cagiano; Marco, Gargari; Massimo, Marrelli; Massimiliano, Amantea; Angelo M., Inchingolo; Gianna, Dipalma; Luca, Signorini; Luciano, Pacifici; Marco, Tatullo
Adult or not? Accuracy of Cameriere's cut-off value for third molar in assessing 18 years of age for legal purposes. 1-gen-2014 Cameriere, R; Pacifici, Andrea; Viva, S; Carbone, D; Pacifici, Luciano; Polimeni, Antonella
Today Prospects for Tissue Engineering Therapeutic Approach in Dentistry. 1-gen-2014 Bossu', Maurizio; Pacifici, Andrea; Carbone, D; Tenore, Gianluca; Ierardo, Gaetano; Pacifici, Luciano; Polimeni, Antonella
Diagnosis and treatment of a rare case of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in a young patient affected by attenuated familial adenomatosis polyposis (aFAP): case report and 5 year follow-up 1-gen-2014 M., Marrelli; Pacifici, Andrea; DI GIORGIO, Gianni; Cassetta, Michele; L. V., Stefanelli; M., Gargari; L., Promenzio; Annibali, Susanna; Cristalli, MARIA PAOLA; E., Chiaravalloti; Pacifici, Luciano; M., Tatullo
How Accurate Is CBCT in Measuring Bone Density? A Comparative CBCT-CT In Vitro Study 1-gen-2014 Cassetta, Michele; Stefanelli, l. v.; Pacifici, Andrea; Pacifici, Luciano; Barbato, Ersilia
Surgical management of compound odontoma associated with unerupted tooth 1-gen-2015 Pacifici, Andrea; Carbone, Daniele; Marini, Roberta; Pacifici, Luciano
Clinical management of a peri-implant giant cell granuloma 1-gen-2015 Pacifici, Andrea; Carbone, D.; Marini, Roberta; Sfasciotti, Gian Luca; Pacifici, Luciano
Altered transcription of inflammation-related genes in dental pulp of coeliac children 1-gen-2016 Bossu', Maurizio; Montuori, Monica; Casani, Daniela; DI GIORGIO, Gianni; Pacifici, Andrea; Ladniak, Barbara; Polimeni, Antonella
Childhood overweight-obesity and periodontal diseases: is there a real correlation? 1-gen-2016 Sfasciotti, Gian Luca; Marini, Roberta; Pacifici, Andrea; Ierardo, Gaetano; Pacifici, Luciano; Polimeni, Antonella
Age estimation in children by measurement of open apices in teeth with Bayesian calibration approach 1-gen-2016 Cameriere, R.; Pacifici, Andrea; Pacifici, Luciano; Polimeni, Antonella; Federici, F.; Cingolani, M.; Ferrante, L.
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