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Colophons as sources: Historical information from some Brag dkar rta so Xylographies 1-gen-2007 Clemente, Michela
A case study of a nang gi rnam thar: The example of Kun spangs pa Chos kyi rin chen’s autobiography 1-gen-2008 Clemente, Michela
Review of "The Light of Kailash. A History of Zhang Zhung and Tibet. Vol. 1, The Early Period" by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and D. Rossi 1-gen-2009 Clemente, Michela
From manuscript to block printing: In the search of stylistic models for the identification of Tibetan Xylographs 1-gen-2011 Clemente, Michela
Royal Kinship, patronage and the introduction of printing in Gung thang: from Chos kyi sgron ma to lHa btsun Rin chen rnam rgyal 1-gen-2013 Diemberger, Hildegard; Clemente, Michela
Review of Karl-Heinz Everding, Tibetische Handschriften und Blockdrucke. Die mTshur-phu-Ausgabe der Sammlung Rin-chen gter-mdzod chen-mo, nach dem Exemplar der Orientabteilung Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Teil 14, Bände 52-63 1-gen-2013 Clemente, Michela
Yidali de Tuqi zangxue yichan yafei yanjiuyuan tushuguan zangpinzhong yixie wenxian de yanjiu zongshu 1-gen-2014 Clemente, Michela
Shedding some light upon lHa btsun Rin chen rnam rgyal (1473-1557): A study of two untranslated works from the Tucci Tibetan collection 1-gen-2014 Clemente, Michela
Review of Bod kyi shing spar lag rtsal gyi byung rim mdor bsdus by Paltsek Research Institute 1-gen-2014 Diemberger, Hildegard; Clemente, Michela
Tucci’s legacy to Tibetan studies in Italy: Surveys of some works of the IsIAO Library collection 1-gen-2014 Clemente, Michela
Buddha's word. The life of books in Tibet and beyond 1-gen-2014 Elliott, Mark; Diemberger, Hildegard; Clemente, Michela
The literary work of lHa btsun Rin chen rnam rgyal 1-gen-2015 Clemente, Michela
Foreword to Studies in honour of Luciano Petech. A commemoration volume 1914-2014. 1-gen-2016 ELENA DE ROSSI FILIBECK, ; Clemente, Michela; Milanetti, Giorgio; Oscar, Nalesini; Federica, Venturi
Studies in honour of Luciano Petech. A commemoration volume 1914-2014. 1-gen-2016 Clemente, Michela; DE ROSSI FILIBECK, Elena; Milanetti, Giorgio; Nalesini, Oscar; Venturi, Federica
The patronage network of Lha btsun Rin chen rnam rgyal from Brag dkar rta so to the 'Phags pa lha Khang 1-gen-2016 Clemente, M.
Different Facets of Mang yul Gung thang Xylographs 1-gen-2016 Clemente, Michela
The Unacknowledged Revolution? A reading of Tibetan printing history on the basis of Gung thang Colophons Studied in two dedicated projects 1-gen-2016 Clemente, Michela
On a particular aspect of the identification of Tibetan xylographs: Preliminary remarks on the importance of craftsmen 1-gen-2017 Clemente, Michela
Typology of drawn frames in Sixteenth century Mang yul Gung thang Xylographs 1-gen-2017 Clemente, Michela; Lunardo, Filippo
Mapping fifteenth and sixteenth centuries Buddhist printed works in South-Western Tibet. A historical and literary reading 1-gen-2018 Clemente, Michela
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