Symposium organised at 6th International Conference on Social Representations “Thinking Societies: Common Sense and Communication” (Stirling, Scotland): “Unique Key Events in the Generalised, Traditional and New Media”. Lista dei papers presentati: -J. JESUINO, in co-operation with A. DE ROSA & P. VERGES: Symbolic generalised media in a critical transitoryphase: the change to the European currency system -ALLANSDOTTIR: Imaginary and scientific discourse about Dolly the sheep -ORFALI: La tempête de 1999: représentations sociale d’un événement extraordinaire -P. LALLI: Media and war events: the influence of media information on Kosovo war. -DE ROSA, S. BIGAZZI, E. BOCCI: Iconic representations, emotional impact and construction of the social memory about September 11, 2001.