Symposium organised at the 13th General Meeting of the E.A.E.S.P. (San Sebastian, Spain): “Social Memory and Emotional Impact Towards Traumatic Collective Events: the 11th September 2001”. Lista dei papers presentati: -JAMIE PENNEBAKER, MATTHIAS MEHL, The Social Dynamics of a Cultural Upheaval -BERNARD RIMÉ: Terrorist attacks of September 11th: The cognitive and social impact of a collective trauma -GUGLIELMO BELLELLI, ANTONIETTA CURCI, GIOVANNA LEONE, Cognitive, emotional and social determinants of collective memories -JANOS LASZLO, BEA EHMANN, ORSOLYA VINCZE, Changes in the historical memory after the WTC attack: the case of the Afganisthan war. -ANNAMARIA S. DE ROSA, SARA BIGAZZI, ELENA BOCCI, Forget - Never forget: emotional impact, iconic representational systems and social memory, in the reconstruction of the day who drammatically changed the personal and global risk perception -Antonietta Curci (Italy): “Flashbulb memories for the terroristic attack to WTC”