Symposium organizer. Lista dei papers presentati: - de Rosa A.S., Reconstructing the social discourse 'of' and 'around' the ideological advertising of Benetton: an outline of a cross-national research programme. - Losito, G. , De Rosa, A.S Comprehension and interpretation of Benetton advertising: textual and discourse analyis by applying SPAD-T and DiscAn on data collected by the associative network. - Kirckler E., De Rosa A.S. Advertisement association sequencies: analyses of emotional and cognitive reactions to ambiguous images. - Sinigaglia P., De Rosa A.S., Abric J.C. The application of two projective techniques to the study of advertising: the associative network and the associative card. - Costa Pereira F., De Rosa A.S., Verges P. Central system and peripheric elements associated to Benetton advertising campaigns by Portuguese young people.