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Nome #
Monitoring the impact of land cover change on surface urban heat island through google earth engine. Proposal of a global methodology, first applications and problems 102
Analytical solutions of the balance equation for the scalar variance in one-dimensional turbulent flows under stationary conditions 97
Water-Channel study of flow and turbulence past a two-dimensional array of obstacles 81
Water-channel estimation of Eulerian and Lagrangian time scales of the turbulence in idealized two-dimensional urban canopies 76
An alternative wind profile formulation for urban areas in neutral conditions 74
Local Circulation Diurnal Patterns and Their Relationship with Large-Scale Flows in a Coastal Area of the Tyrrhenian Sea 71
Particle Trajectory-Simulation of Dispersion Around a Building 71
A 3D Lagrangian micromixing dispersion model LAGFLUM and its validation with a wind tunnel experiment 71
Micrometeorological simulations over a coastal area using CALMET model. Atmosphere monitoring 71
Pollutant fluxes in two-dimensional street canyons 70
A Sensitivity Analysis of ADMS-URBAN 69
Lagrangian Model for Traffic Pollutant Dispersion Analysis 69
A modeling approach to identify the effective forcing exerted by wind on a prealpine lake surrounded by a complex topography 69
On the effect of the aspect ratio on flow and turbulence over a two-dimensional street canyon 69
An investigation of the urban heat island of Rome through a canyon-based subgrid scheme 68
The coupling of POM with a Lagrangian, first order, autoregressive model 67
Influence of the Urban Heat Island parameterization on precipitation forecasting in limited area model 67
Estimates of turbulence parameters from satellite-tracked drifters 66
Wind-speed profile and roughness sublayer depth modelling in urban boundary layers 65
A stochastic Lagrangian micromixing model for the dispersion of reactive scalars in turbulent flows: role of concentration fluctuations and improvements to the conserved scalar theory under non-homogeneous conditions 65
Lagrangian models of dispersion in marine environment 65
An inverse modelling approach for estimating vehicular emissions in urban coastal areas of the Messina Strait 64
Numerical study of the urban geometrical representation impact in a surface energy budget model 62
A comparison between IECM and IEM Lagrangian models 60
A three-dimensional urban canopy model for mesoscale atmospheric simulations and its comparison with a two-dimensional urban canopy model in an idealized case 60
Eddy diffusivity derived from drifter data for dispersion model applications 59
Evaluation of Lagrangian time scales and turbulent diffusivities by GPS equipped drifters 59
The effect of a promontory on the passive tracer advected by a coastal current: a full three-dimensional study 57
Bilancio di energia all'interno di un'isola di calore urbana 55
A Numerical Study of Mesososcale Airflow and Dispersion over Coastal Complex Terrain 53
Semi enclosed basin monitoring and analysis of meteo, wave, tide and current data. Sea monitoring 53
A simplified analytical model of ultrafine particle concentration within an indoor environment 53
Sensitivity analysis of a concentration fluctuation model to dissipation rate estimates 52
A closure to derive a three-dimensional well-mixed trajectory-model for non-Gaussian, inhomogeneous turbulence 52
Wind-wave hindcasting on offshore wind turbine through coupled atmospheric and spectral models 50
Pollutant removal mechanism in two-dimensional street canyons: A laboratory study 50
Some characteristics of the urban boundary layer above Rome, Italy, and applicability of Monin-Obukhov similarity 50
Development and integration of a subgrid urban surface scheme in a limited area model 49
An urban scale model for pollutant dispersion in Rome 49
Evaluation of parametric laws for computing the wind speed profile in the urban boundary layer. Comparison to two-dimensional building water channel data 48
A 3-D numerical study of pollutant dispersion in a coastal current interacting with a headland 47
Statistical analysis of turbulent dispersion in the sea surface layer based on satellite-tracked drifter data 47
Numerical and experimental analysis of flow and particulate matter dispersion in indoor environment 46
Microplastic detection and Lagrangian modelling in the Tyrrhenian Sea 44
Eulerian and Lagrangian time scales of the turbulence above staggered arrays of cubical obstacles 43
CFD Analysis of urban canopy flows employing the V2F model. Impact of different aspect ratios and relative heights 42
The integrated evaluation of indoor particulate exposure (VIEPI) project: Main goals and campaign description 42
Analisi sperimentale del flusso e della dispersione di traccianti passivi in canopie urbane tridimensionali 42
LAGFLUM, a stationary 3D Lagrangian stochastic numerical micromixing model for concentration fluctuations: validation in canopy turbulence, on the MUST wind tunnel experiment 41
Turbulent Schmidt Number Measurements Over Three-Dimensional Cubic Arrays 40
Evaluation of ansys-fluent model against field data in the framework of the VIEPI project 40
Analysis of the exchange of pollutant and momentum between outdoor and indoor environments. The case of a classroom in the framework of the VIEPI project 40
Tidal resource and environmental effects of energy extraction in the Pentland Firth: sensitivity to array layouts and turbulence changes 40
Modelling of fluctuating concentration fields in complex industrial areas 39
Indagine sul sovralzo differenziato indotto dalla Bora nella Laguna di Venezia 38
Street canyon concentration estimation coupling the RANS model MISKAM and the micromixing Lagrangian model LAGFLUM 38
Integrated evaluation of indoor particulate exposure. The viepi project 38
Circolazione e turbolenza delle acque costiere durante eventi di brezza 37
On storm surge induced by the Bora wind in the Lagoon of Venice 37
Simulazione numerica dell'evento alluvionale nell'area romana del dicembre 2008 37
Simulazione Numerica della Dispersione di Inquinanti in Ambienti Confinati 35
Wind profiles in an urban area 35
Misure di Turbolenza delle correnti costiere con profilatori acustici ad effetto Doppler 34
The role of geometric factors in urban canyon modeling: new parameterizations and sensitivity analysis 34
Numerical simulations of mountain winds in an alpine valley 33
Development and application of a subgrid urban surface scheme over a wide metropolitan area in a limited area model 33
Potenziale energetico delle correnti marine nell'Arcipelago della Maddalena 32
Performances of parametric laws for computing the wind speed profile in the urban boundary layer. Comparison to two-dimensional building water channel experiment 32
Relative dispersion analysis of GLAD surface drifters in the Gulf of Mexico 32
Detecting sensitive areas in confined shallow basins 32
Simulazione numerica della circolazione atmosferica su scala regionale: applicazione di un modello non idrostatico alla Regione Lazio 31
An integrated hydrodynamic dispersion modelling system for marine discharge analysis 31
A Comparison Between Lagrangian Particle Models of Dispersion in Inhomogeneous Turbulence 30
Simulazione Numerica del Campo Fluidodinamico in Presenza di Orografia Complessa 30
A stationary 3D lagrangian stochastic numerical model for concentration fluctuations 30
Mixing Processes in a Weakly Stratified Ocean: a Case Study for The Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica) Polynya 30
Modelli per il calcolo della dispersione di inquinanti in atmosfera 30
A Subgrid Surface Scheme for the Analysis of the Urban Heat Island of Rome 30
Breeze analysis by mast and sodar measurements 30
Effetto della modellizzazione della forzante stocastica nella valutazione della dispersione di inquinanti in atmosfera 29
A numerical Lagrangian model of concentration fluctuations 29
Un modello lagrangiano per il calcolo delle fluttuazioni della concentrazione di inquinanti passivi 28
Simulazione della dispersione marina di petrolio in caso di sversamenti accidentali da fondo pozzo 28
Studio numerico delle correnti marine indotte da venti in regime di brezza 27
Air pollution dispersion within an urban environment 27
An inverse modeling method to identify vehicular emissions in urban complex areas. 27
Dispersione di inquinanti in ambienti confinati 26
Results from Italian datasets 26
Profile measurements of turbulence properties in coastal currents using acoustic doppler methods 26
Turbulence properties of the urban boundary layer 26
Roughness length parameterization in urban boundary layers 26
Microplastic samplings and inverse trajectory recognition in the Mediterranean Sea 26
An urban scale study of pollutant dispersion in Rome 25
Simulazione di laboratorio di canopie urbane bidimensionali 25
Numerical simulations of oil spill and blowout episodes in the Adriatic Sea 25
Experimental investigation of turbulence and dispersion around an isolated cubic building 25
Sensitivity of the basin-scale internal wave structure in a prealpine lake to wind distribution 25
Effetto della forzante anemologica nei processi di mescolamento e trasporto nel lago di Iseo 25
Totale 4550
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