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Speedup of post earthquake community recovery: the case of precast industrial buildings after the Emilia 2012 earthquake 2014 Braga, F; Gigliotti, Rosario; Monti, Giorgio; Morelli, F.; Nuti, C.; Salvatore, W.; Vanzi, I.
Influence of bond-slip effect and shear deficient column in the seismic assessment of older infilled frame R/C structures 2014 Mohammad, Aslam Faqeer; Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Spacone, Enrico
Seismic demand on steel reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete frame structures 2014 Braconi, A.; Braga, F.; Caprili, S; Gigliotti, Rosario; Salvatore, W.
Probabilistic seismic response sensitivity of nonlinear frame bending-shear and infill model parameters for an existing infilled reinforced concrete structure 2014 Mohammad, A. F.; Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Spacone, E.
Comparisons of codal detailing rules for curvature ductility and numerical investigations 2014 Laterza, Michelangelo; D'Amato, Michele; Thanthirige, Laksiri P.; Braga, Franco; Gigliotti, Rosario
Graphical dynamic trends for earthquake incidence response of plan-asymmetric systems 2015 Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, R; Mezzacapo, G; Spacone, E.
Post-seismic assessment of existing constructions: Evaluation of the shakemaps for identifying exclusion zones in Emilia 2015 Braga, Franco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Monti, Giorgio; Morelli, Francesco; Nuti, Camillo; Salvatore, Walter; Vanzi, Ivo
Hardening slip model for reinforcing steel bars 2015 Braga, Franco; Caprili, Silvia; Gigliotti, Rosario; Salvatore, Walter
Significance of earthquake incidence on response of plan-irregular infilled R/C buildings 2015 Faggella, Marco; Mezzacapo, G.; Gigliotti, Rosario; Spacone, E.
Performance based earthquake assessment of an industrial silos structure and retrofit with sliding isolators 2016 Rossi, Edoardo; Ventrella, Michelangelo; Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Braga, Franco
Seismic loss analysis of a non-ductile infilled rc building 2016 Romano, F.; Faggella, M.; Gigliotti, R.; Braga, F.
Seismic performance of older R/C frame structures accounting for infills-induced shear failure of columns 2016 Mohammad, Aslam Faqeer; Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Spacone, Enrico
Performance-based nonlinear response history analysis framework for the "PROINDUSTRY" project case studies 2016 Faggella, Marco; Laguardia, Raffaele; Gigliotti, Rosario; Morelli, Francesco; Braga, Franco; Salvatore, Walter
Extension to rectangular section of an analytical model for concrete confined by steel stirrups and/or FRP jackets 2017 Laterza, Michelangelo; D'Amato, Michele; Braga, Franco; Gigliotti, Rosario
Mohr circle-based graphical vibration analysis and earthquake response of asymmetric systems 2017 Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Morrone, Carmen; Spacone, Enrico
Modeling of gravity-designed RC sub-assemblages subjected to lateral loads 2017 Laterza, Michelangelo; D'Amato, Michele; Gigliotti, Rosario
Cyclic bar model with bond slip for nonlinear analysis of existing RC structures 2017 Laguardia, Raffaele; Faggella, M.; Morrone, C.; Gigliotti, R.
Damage reconnaissance of unreinforced masonry bearing wall buildings after the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake 2017 Brando, Giuseppe; Rapone, Davide; Spacone, Enrico; O’Banion, Matt S.; Olsen, Michael J.; Barbosa, Andre R.; Faggella, Marco; Gigliotti, Rosario; Liberatore, Domenico; Russo, Salvatore; Sorrentino, Luigi; Bose, Supratik; Stravidis, Andreas
Nonlinear seismic analysis of gravity designed RC structures 2017 Laterza, M.; D'Amato, M.; Gigliotti, R.
A simplified method to predict torsional effects on seismic isolated buildings 2017 Laguardia, R.; Morrone, C.; Faggella, M.; Gigliotti, R.
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