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Identification and structural characterization of an intermediate in the folding of the measles virus x domain 1-gen-2016 Bonetti, Daniela; Camilloni, Carlo; Visconti, Lorenzo; Longhi, Sonia; Brunori, Maurizio; Vendruscolo, Michele; Gianni, Stefano
Addressing the role of the α-helical extension in the folding of the third PDZ domain from PSD-95 1-gen-2017 Gautier, CANDICE NATACHA ANNA; Visconti, Lorenzo; Per, Jemth; Gianni, Stefano
The folding pathway of the KIX domain 1-gen-2017 Troilo, Francesca; Bonetti, Daniela; Toto, Angelo; Visconti, L; Brunori, Maurizio; Longhi, S; Gianni, Stefano
Binding induced folding: Lessons from the kinetics of interaction between NTAIL and XD 1-gen-2019 Toto, A.; Troilo, F.; Visconti, L.; Malagrinò, F.; Bignon, C.; Longhi, Sonia Rachele Agata; Gianni, S.; S,
Investigating the molecular basis of the aggregation propensity of the pathological d76n mutant of beta-2 microglobulin: role of the denatured state 1-gen-2019 Visconti, L; Malagrinò, F; Broggini, L; De Luca, Cmg; Moda, F; Gianni, S; Ricagno, S; Toto, A.
The kinetics of folding of the NSH2 domain from p85 1-gen-2019 Visconti, Lorenzo; Malagrinò, Francesca; Toto, Angelo; Gianni, Stefano
Structural characterization of an on-pathway intermediate and transition state in the folding of the N-terminal SH2 domain from SHP2 1-gen-2019 Visconti, L.; Malagrinò, F.; Gianni, S.; Toto, A.
The effect of proline cis‐trans isomerization on the folding of the C‐terminal SH2 domain from p85 1-gen-2020 Troilo, F.; Malagrino, F.; Visconti, L.; Toto, A.; Gianni, S.
Unveiling the molecular basis of the noonan syndrome-causing mutation T42A of SHP2 1-gen-2020 Toto, A.; Malagrino, F.; Visconti, L.; Troilo, F.; Gianni, S.
Hidden kinetic traps in multidomain folding highlight the presence of a misfolded but functionally competent intermediate 1-gen-2020 Gautier, Candice; Troilo, Francesca; Cordier, Florence; Malagrinò, Francesca; Toto, Angelo; Visconti, Lorenzo; Zhu, Yanlei; Brunori, Maurizio; Wolff, Nicolas; Gianni, Stefano
Targeting the interaction between the SH3 domain of Grb2 and Gab2 1-gen-2020 Malagrinò, Francesca; Coluccia, Antonio; Bufano, Marianna; La Regina, Giuseppe; Puxeddu, Michela; Toto, Angelo; Visconti, Lorenzo; Paone, Alessio; Magnifico, Maria Chiara; Troilo, Francesca; Cutruzzolà, Francesca; Silvestri, Romano; Gianni, Stefano
Understanding the mechanism of recognition of gab2 by the n-sh2 domain of shp2 1-gen-2020 Visconti, Lorenzo; Malagrinò, Francesca; Pagano, Livia; Toto, Angelo
Comparing the binding properties of peptides mimicking the envelope protein of sars-cov and sars-cov-2 to the pdz domain of the tight junction-associated pals1 protein 1-gen-2020 Toto, Angelo; Ma, Sana; Malagrinò, Francesca; Visconti, Lorenzo; Pagano, Livia; Stromgaard, Kristian; Gianni, Stefano
Understanding the binding induced folding of intrinsically disordered proteins by protein engineering: caveats and pitfalls 1-gen-2020 Malagrinò, Francesca; Visconti, Lorenzo; Pagano, Livia; Toto, Angelo; Troilo, Francesca; Gianni, Stefano
Templated folding of intrinsically disordered proteins 1-gen-2020 Toto, Angelo; Malagrinò, Francesca; Visconti, Lorenzo; Troilo, Francesca; Pagano, Livia; Brunori, Maurizio; Jemth, Per; Gianni, Stefano
Demonstration of binding induced structural plasticity in a sh2 domain 1-gen-2020 Visconti, Lorenzo; Toto, Angelo; Jarvis, James A.; Troilo, Francesca; Malagrinò, Francesca; De Simone, Alfonso; Gianni, Stefano
Probing the effects of local frustration in the folding of a multidomain protein 1-gen-2021 Pagano, Livia; Malagrinò, Francesca; Visconti, Lorenzo; Troilo, Francesca; Pennacchietti, Valeria; Nardella, Caterina; Toto, Angelo; Gianni, Stefano
Targeting PDZ domains as potential treatment for viral infections, neurodegeneration and cancer 1-gen-2021 Nardella, Caterina; Visconti, Lorenzo; Malagrinò, Francesca; Pagano, Livia; Bufano, Marianna; Nalli, Marianna; Coluccia, Antonio; La Regina, Giuseppe; Silvestri, Romano; Gianni, Stefano; Toto, Angelo
Folding and misfolding of a PDZ tandem repeat 1-gen-2021 Visconti, Lorenzo; Malagrinò, Francesca; Troilo, Francesca; Pagano, Livia; Toto, Angelo; Gianni, Stefano
Double mutant cycles as a tool to address folding, binding, and allostery 1-gen-2021 Pagano, Livia; Toto, Angelo; Malagrinò, Francesca; Visconti, Lorenzo; Jemth, Per; Gianni, Stefano
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