"Do vlasti české". Z korespondence Angela M. Ripellina / Cosentino, Annalisa. - (2018).

"Do vlasti české". Z korespondence Angela M. Ripellina

Annalisa Cosentino
Writing – Original Draft Preparation

The letters sent by the Italian literary scientist and poet Angelo Maria Ripellino (1923–1978) to ‘Bohemia’ and the letters that he received from Czech intellectuals, poets and fine artists not only provide a rare illustration of the interest and erudite treatment which Czech culture enjoyed in Italy, but also important testimony about the situation of Czech culture after World War Two – the friendships, joys and difficulties experienced not only by a number of lesser known figures, but primarily by the leading personalities of the Czech literary and artistic scene with their diverse specialisations, including Karel Teige, Jindřich Chalupecký, Vladimír Holan, Jiří Kolář and many others. The rich network of Ripellino’s relationships and collaborations is illustrated not only by letters from the Czech lands, but also from the US, where many members of the intellectual and academic community found refuge, initially under Fascism and later under Communism. The current edition does not represent Ripellino’s entire correspondence with Bohemia: it includes letters that survived more or less haphazardly either in Ripellino’s estate, or in other personal archival fonds. Subtitled Z korespondence Angela M. Ripellina (From the Correspondence of Angelo M. Ripellino), the collection is ordered chronologically, making it possible for the reader to follow the development of various relationships and narratives. Moreover, several thematic areas may be discerned: for example, letters which shed light on the background of Ripellino’s first book, Storia della poesia ceca contemporanea (Roma 1950; 1981); both sides of the correspondence with Vladimír Holan between 1948 and 1977; Ripellino’s unceasing interest in fine art; his relationships with Czech exiles; the project of the Italian edition of selected writings by Karel Teige. A perusal of Ripellino’s correspondence allows the reader to become familiar with his personal network of acquaintances, collaborators and friends, his way of working, interests and avocations; it also provides a key to understanding Czech studies in Italy characterised by their close relations with Czech studies in Bohemia. To this day, one of its typical traits is the kind of close collaboration with Czech scientists and artists which Ripellino, as well as other Italian scholars after him, sought out and developed.
cultura ceca del novecento; letteratura e arti figurative; carteggi; Angelo Maria Ripellino
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"Do vlasti české". Z korespondence Angela M. Ripellina / Cosentino, Annalisa. - (2018).
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