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EU - Europa 811
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AF - Africa 40
SA - Sud America 9
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 979
IT - Italia 463
FR - Francia 136
DE - Germania 63
CN - Cina 42
GB - Regno Unito 25
NL - Olanda 23
UA - Ucraina 22
IN - India 21
ES - Italia 20
CA - Canada 14
ZA - Sudafrica 13
EG - Egitto 10
FI - Finlandia 8
MY - Malesia 8
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 7
PL - Polonia 7
TW - Taiwan 7
AT - Austria 6
AU - Australia 6
JP - Giappone 6
IE - Irlanda 5
MX - Messico 5
RU - Federazione Russa 5
ZW - Zimbabwe 5
HU - Ungheria 4
NG - Nigeria 4
SG - Singapore 4
TR - Turchia 4
BG - Bulgaria 3
BR - Brasile 3
CL - Cile 3
CO - Colombia 3
DK - Danimarca 3
HK - Hong Kong 3
IQ - Iraq 3
KE - Kenya 3
PK - Pakistan 3
PT - Portogallo 3
SE - Svezia 3
TH - Thailandia 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
IR - Iran 2
RO - Romania 2
UG - Uganda 2
VN - Vietnam 2
BE - Belgio 1
BJ - Benin 1
CH - Svizzera 1
CM - Camerun 1
DZ - Algeria 1
GE - Georgia 1
ID - Indonesia 1
KG - Kirghizistan 1
PH - Filippine 1
SI - Slovenia 1
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Rome 285
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Buffalo 67
Seattle 59
Houston 37
Columbus 35
Woodbridge 26
Cambridge 19
Wilmington 18
Chicago 16
Boardman 15
Des Moines 15
Council Bluffs 14
San Gabriel 14
Ann Arbor 12
Turin 11
San Diego 10
Henderson 9
Las Vegas 9
Málaga 9
Bari 8
Los Angeles 8
Milan 8
Bologna 7
Clearwater 7
Massy 7
Nanjing 7
Naples 7
New York 7
Phoenix 7
Redlands 7
Bengaluru 6
Dallas 6
Helsinki 6
Madrid 6
Orpington 6
Paris 6
Beijing 5
Harare 5
Hyderabad 5
London 5
Nelspruit 5
Ottawa 5
Oude Meer 5
Soleto 5
Al Mansurah 4
Andover 4
Brisbane 4
Easton 4
Guangzhou 4
Lake Forest 4
Malacca 4
Pleasant Hill 4
Radom 4
Shanghai 4
Singapore 4
Taipei 4
Verona 4
Wuhan 4
Amsterdam 3
Anchorage 3
Austin 3
Belmont 3
Bitetto 3
Cairo 3
Cassino 3
Cedar Knolls 3
Copenhagen 3
Crugers 3
Dublin 3
Florence 3
Frankfurt am Main 3
Grenoble 3
Hangzhou 3
Hebei 3
Manchester 3
Mantova 3
Muizenberg 3
Nairobi 3
Parsippany 3
Portland 3
Provo 3
San Francisco 3
Sofia 3
Tifton 3
Toronto 3
Vicopisano 3
Vienna 3
Acton 2
Ankara 2
Aradeo 2
Atlanta 2
Bahawalpur 2
Bangkok 2
Berlin 2
Breaza 2
Caivano 2
Cancún 2
Totale 1.278
Nome #
Nanopore sequencing for the detection and identification of Xylella fastidiosa subspecies and sequence types from naturally infected plant material, file e383532c-91d1-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 155
Nanopore sequencing and bioinformatics for rapidly identifying cultural heritage spoilage microorganisms, file e3835324-fd6f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 120
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Open field study of some Zea mays hybrids, lipid compounds and fumonisins accumulation, file e3835315-c2b0-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 106
Menadione-induced oxidative stress re-shapes the oxylipin profile of Aspergillus flavus and its lifestyle, file e3835315-164c-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 104
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Tramesan, a novel polysaccharide from trametes versicolor. structural characterization and biological effects, file e3835318-22ad-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 95
Use of the secreted proteome of Trametes versicolor for controlling the cereal pathogen Fusarium langsethiae, file e3835323-a5a1-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 89
The effect of Fusarium verticillioides fumonisins on fatty acids, sphingolipids, and oxylipins in maize germlings, file e383532c-8172-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 86
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Fungal and bacterial oxylipins are signals for intra- and inter-cellular communication within plant disease, file 6c9f4a66-0cf9-48e6-ab72-7d73a658f9ed 73
The lipoxygenase Lox1 Is involved in Llght‐ and injury-response, conidiation, and volatile organic compound biosynthesis in the mycoparasitic Fungus Trichoderma atroviride, file e3835327-ae93-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 66
Identification and characterization of Neofusicoccum stellenboschiana in branch and twig dieback-affected olive trees in Italy and comparative pathogenicity with N. mediterraneum, file ce015573-8558-44d5-bd91-7597dcdc2218 56
Sustainable use of citrus waste as organic amendment in orange orchards, file d1d91b3e-05a6-40d3-90a2-0e2695547252 55
Xylella fastidiosa subsp. pauca and olive produced lipids moderate the switch adhesive versus non-adhesive state and viceversa, file e3835329-a7ea-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 48
Light-stress response mediated by the transcription factor KlMga2 in the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis, file e383532c-f6e1-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 45
The potential of plant-based bioactive compounds on inhibition of aflatoxin B1 biosynthesis and down-regulation of aflR, aflM and aflP genes, file 43948953-d975-462a-a0da-ba2fc730ce6a 40
Tramesan elicits durum wheat defense against the septoria disease complex, file e3835327-aca8-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 38
Buckwheat hull extracts inhibit Aspergillus flavus growth and AFB1 biosynthesis, file e383532d-b5e6-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 35
The first report of truffles (Tuber aestivum Vittad.) in Zadar County, file e383532d-8d68-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 32
Experimental-theoretical study of laccase as a detoxifier of aflatoxins, file 633d3ca4-7667-4c4d-a1ce-94b2a5cbec0c 31
Nanopore hybrid assembly of Biscogniauxia mediterranea isolated from Quercus cerris affected by charcoal disease in an endangered coastal wood, file 2ebafa48-60fa-4e32-838d-bdb6e0df2507 27
The Role of Aflatoxins in Aspergillus flavus resistance to stress, file e383532e-accc-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 25
Communication with plants, file 5eb7cffe-f423-4141-aa17-f777ff7c66ff 21
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Trametes versicolor: A possible tool for aflatoxin control, file e3835312-1933-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 20
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null, file 99d6099d-36d1-45fb-a69e-635558383c63 17
Natural functions of mycotoxins and control of their biosynthesis in fungi, file e3835311-c3c4-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 17
A multi-methodological approach in the study of Italian PDO “Cornetto di Pontecorvo” red sweet pepper, file e3835319-f985-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 17
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Negligible levels of mycotoxin contamination in durum wheat and groundnuts from non-intensive rainfed production systems, file 45c65318-d6c0-4c2c-9f66-72b81fce7695 14
Aflatoxins are natural scavengers of reactive oxygen species, file 21d58ff3-6c31-428b-a23a-e489826a44f0 12
Modulation of virulence-associated traits in Aspergillus fumigatus by BET Inhibitor JQ1, file b5dff10e-f234-4cb8-a0a1-8ae42ee16bd3 12
Molecular characterization and enzymatic activity of laccases in two Pleurotus spp. with different pathogenic behaviour, file e3835311-c83d-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 11
Draft genome sequence of a new Fusarium isolate belonging to Fusarium tricinctum species complex collected from Hazelnut in Central Italy, file 11903976-d3f4-4c71-8751-bef2cc8fb95c 10
Communication with plants, file 829af4d1-0460-4c00-bf27-742891aa5776 10
null, file a5ad200c-c729-44b6-a920-0b401e9baf11 10
Analysis of Italian isolates of Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii and development of a real-time PCR-based diagnostic method, file cdca677a-5e37-4097-8017-8dcdec7c2802 10
Oligosaccharides derived from tramesan. Their structure and activity on mycotoxin inhibition in aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus carbonarius, file da6c5592-1aec-4686-b0b7-eaca94f9612e 10
β-Glucan synthase induction in mushrooms grown on olive mill wastewaters, file e3835311-9841-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 10
Aspergillus flavus exploits maize kernels using an “orphan” secondary metabolite cluster, file e2db8911-2a44-4457-b5e9-e281fa554a56 9
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Biogenic calcium carbonate as evidence for life, file 860a04e1-6eb0-4a95-8bec-2c5cc895897b 7
Communication with plants, file 8d2049f5-c801-4c34-a941-b9aeae475a93 7
Biogenic calcium carbonate as evidence for life, file 927fe160-00a2-4d96-885a-77536cb8e602 7
Polymerase chain reaction detection of Aspergillus carbonarius in grapes at different time after inoculum, file e3835311-8890-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 7
Lentinula edodes enhances the biocontrol activity of Cryptococcus laurentii against Penicillium expansum contamination and patulin production in apple fruits, file e3835311-e008-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 7
Aflatoxin Control in Maize by Trametes versicolor, file e3835312-706a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 5
Aptamer-based sandwich assay for on chip detection of Ochratoxin A by an array of amorphous silicon photosensors, file e3835314-7a8c-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 5
More nature in the city, file e3835328-559e-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 5
Degradation of aflatoxins by means of laccases from Trametes versicolor. An in silico insight, file 251a7496-7433-4def-92d5-9fb40a99f885 4
null, file 800a812a-b540-4138-aac0-47390dcd3988 4
Polymerase chain reaction-based assay for the early detection of aflatoxigenic fungi on maize kernels, file e3835311-c801-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Genotypic and Phenotypic Versatility of Aspergillus flavus during Maize Exploitation, file e3835311-ce27-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Early identification of Aspergillus carbonarius in artificially and naturally contaminated grape berries by real-time polymerase chain reaction, file e3835312-59ac-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Detection of ochratoxin a using molecular beacons and real-time PCR thermal cycler, file 937ee406-398a-47fa-b166-79e896e64884 3
How Agrobacterium rhizogenes triggers de novo root formation in a recalcitrant woody plant: an integrated histological, ultrastructural and molecular analysis, file e3835311-9843-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Apyap1 affects aflatoxin biosynthesis during Aspergillus parasiticus growth in maize seeds, file e3835311-c65b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
How Peroxisomes Affect Aflatoxin Biosynthesis in Aspergillus Flavus, file e3835311-f685-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Hyperspectral and molecular analysis of Stagonospora nodorum blotch disease in durum wheat, file e3835312-36fc-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
null, file e3835312-4359-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
null, file e3835312-435a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
INIBIZIONE della BIOSINTESI di differenti MICOTOSSINE nei cereali tramite composti bioattivi estratti dal basidiomicete Trametes versicolor, file e3835312-5913-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
HPLC and NMR analysis of the phenyl-ethanoid glycosides pattern of Verbascum thapsus L. cultivated in the Etnean area, file e383531a-91ba-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Mycotoxins in harvested fruits and vegetables. Insights in producing fungi, biological role, conducive conditions, and tools to manage postharvest contamination, file e383531d-d5da-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
null, file ecd90282-4c98-44b1-a8f2-95735a1cf74c 3
Nanoparticelle di chitosano caricate con pulegone, un sistema alternativo di protezione antimicotica per la conservazione delle opere d’arte lignee, file fc057b1b-0b24-462a-87a9-7ce3265f8b58 3
Combined use of Trametes versicolor extract and sourdough fermentation to extend the microbiological shelf-life of baked goods, file c090cbc6-c4c7-40a1-9972-88ab8dacbfaa 2
A role for oxidative stress in the Citrus limon/Phoma tracheiphila interaction, file e3835311-76cc-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
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Role of Transcription Factor KlMga2 in the Regulation of Fatty Acids Biosynthesis and Cellular Fitness in Kluyveromyces lactis, file e3835312-c934-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
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Root exudates of stressed plants stimulate and attract trichoderma soil fungi, file e383531c-b49f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
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New advanced extraction and analytical methods applied to discrimination of different lichen species used for orcein dyed yarns. Preliminary results, file e3835321-ed18-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Fluorescent label-free aptasensor integrated in a lab-on-chip system for the detection of Ochratoxin A in beer and wheat, file e3835324-f3ca-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Effects of climate change on the distribution of Fusarium spp. in Italy, file 8489913d-6883-4703-b317-9dfebee49ea2 1
Identification of different Fusarium spp. through mVOCS profiling by means of proton-transfer-reaction time-of-flight (PTR-TOF-MS) analysis, file ca50b4d3-3f44-4390-a89d-dcb13b8dad83 1
Oxford Nanopore Technologies for Biocodicology: a case study on a 15th-century parchment - Vassallo Y., Waldherr M., Lehner E., Graf A., Cappa F., Hartl A., Schober R., Beccaccioli M., Sterflinger K., Piñar G., Reverberi M., file d4607152-f168-4f61-94ed-a70c3b80b6ef 1
A chestnut-hemp type-II sourdough to improve technological, nutritional, and sensory properties of gluten-free bread, file d6ea4963-0697-48bd-ab0b-622a6e6a169f 1
Phytochemical analysis and biological activities of the aerial parts of Odontites vulgaris Moench, file df781702-5b60-4b9c-937d-cbf6a7b023d4 1
Quantitative profiling of oxylipins through comprehensive LC-MS/MS analysis of Fusarium verticillioides and maize kernels, file e3835311-cb87-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Buckwheat achenes antioxidant profile modulates Aspergillus flavus growth and aflatoxin production, file e3835311-cdcb-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Aoyap1 regulates OTA synthesis by controlling cell redox balance in Aspergillus ochraceus, file e3835312-08d3-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Mushrooms versus fungi: Natural compounds from Lentinula edodes inhibit aflatoxin biosynthesis by Aspergillus parasiticus, file e3835312-2182-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Lipids in Aspergillus flavus-maize interaction, file e3835312-2f08-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Lipid signals in the interaction between mycotoxigenic fungi and their hosts. The case of lipid-derived BVOCS in Aspergillus flavus-maize interaction, file e3835315-89d0-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Overlap in substrate utilisation and spatial exclusion in some microfungi which act as early cellulose colonisers in a Mediterranean environment, file e3835316-766c-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Functional roles of the fatty acid desaturases encoded by KLOLE1, FAD2 and FAD3 in the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis, file e3835316-cae0-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Unsaturated fatty acids-dependent linkage between respiration and fermentation revealed by deletion of hypoxic regulatory KlMGA2 gene in the facultative anaerobe-respiratory yeast Kluyveromyces lactis, file e383531c-5cbe-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
HPLC and NMR analysis of the phenyl-ethanoid glycosides pattern of Verbascum thapsus L. cultivated in the Etnean area, file e383531c-a32e-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Fungal lipids.Biosynthesis and signalling during plant-pathogen interaction, file e3835321-962e-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Phytochemical analysis of Linaria purpurea (L.) Mill. and inhibitory activity on the production of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in Aspergillus flavus Link. of one of its metabolites, antirrhinoside, file e3835322-c23b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Technological properties of durum wheat semolina treated by heating and UV irradiation for reduction of mycotoxin content, file e3835329-addb-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Designing a bioremediator. Mechanistic models guide cellular and molecular specialization, file e383532c-8c4f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
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