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Nome #
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PCI in TAVI: The "proboscis" catheter., file e3835311-f962-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Effectiveness of in-laboratory high-dose clopidogrel loading versus routine pre-load in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: Results of the ARMYDA-5 PRELOAD (Antiplatelet therapy for Reduction of MYocardial Damage during Angioplasty) randomized trial, file e3835311-fc15-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Assessment of right ventricular function by three-dimensional echocardiography and myocardial strain imaging in adult atrial septal defect before and after percutaneous closure, file e3835312-25d3-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Clinical outcomes of bioresorbable versus durable polymercoated everolimus-eluting stents in real-world complex patients, file e3835317-438b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Patterns and trends of transcatheter aortic valve implantation in italy. insights from RISPEVA, file e3835317-5898-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Bivalirudin or heparin in patients undergoing invasive management of acute coronary syndromes, file e383531a-2872-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Evaluation of coronary features of HIV patients presenting with ACS. the CUORE, a multicenter study, file e383531b-6991-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
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Optical coherence tomography appraisal of residual thrombus burden in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing intraprocedural versus post-stenting prolonged bivalirudin infusion. rationale and design of the MATRIX (minimizing adverse haemorrhagic events by transradial access site and angiox) OCT substudy, file e383531c-4c04-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
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