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Non-Gaussian energy landscape of a simple Model for strong network farring liquids: Accurate evaluation of the configuration entropy 2006 MORENO A., J; SAIKA VOIVOD, I; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; LA NAVE, Emilia; BULDYREV S., V; Tartaglia, Piero; Sciortino, Francesco
Interaction between charged colloids in a low dielectric constant solvent 2007 Allahyarov, E; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; Sciortino, Francesco; Tartaglia, Piero; Loewen, H.
Gelation as arrested phase separation in short-ranged attractive colloid-polymer mixtures 2008 Zaccarelli, Emanuela; Lu, Pj; Ciulla, F; Weitz, D; Sciortino, Francesco
A spherical model with directional interactions: II. Dynamics and landscape properties 2010 Christian, Mayer; Sciortino, Francesco; Tartaglia, Piero; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
Silica through the eyes of colloidal models-when glass is a gel 2011 Ivan Saika, Voivod; Heather Marie, King; Tartaglia, Piero; Sciortino, Francesco; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
Tuning effective interactions close to the critical point in colloidal suspensions 2012 Gnan, Nicoletta; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; Sciortino, Francesco
Unveiling the complex glassy dynamics of square shoulder systems: Simulations and theory 2013 Das, Gayatri; Gnan, Nicoletta; Sciortino, Francesco; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE Soft heaps and clumpy crystals 2013 Sciortino, Francesco; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
Observation of empty liquids and equilibrium gels in a colloidal clay 2013 Angelini, Roberta; Ruzicka, Barbara; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; L., Zulian; M., Sztucki; A., Moussaid; T., Narayanan; Sciortino, Francesco
Casimir-like forces at the percolation transition 2014 Gnan, Nicoletta; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; Sciortino, Francesco
Glass-glass transition during aging of a colloidal clay 2014 Angelini, Roberta; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; Flavio Augusto De Melo, Marques; Michael, Sztucki; Andrei, Fluerasu; Ruocco, Giancarlo; Ruzicka, Barbara
Multiple glass singularities and isodynamics in a core-softened model for glass-forming systems 2014 Gnan, Nicoletta; Das, Gayatri; Sperl, Matthias; Sciortino, Francesco; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
How soft repulsion enhances the depletion mechanism 2015 Rovigatti, Lorenzo; Gnan, Nicoletta; Parola, Alberto; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
Discontinous change from thermally- to geometrically-dominated effective interactions in colloidal solutions 2016 Gnan, Nicoletta; Sciortino, Francesco; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
Anomalous dynamics of intruders in a crowded environment of mobile obstacles 2016 Sentjabrskaja, T.; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; DE MICHELE, Cristiano; Sciortino, Francesco; Tartaglia, Piero; Voigtmann, T.; Egelhaaf, S. U.; Laurati, M.
Equilibrium gels of limited valence colloids 2017 Sciortino, Francesco; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
In Silico Synthesis of Microgel Particles 2017 Gnan, Nicoletta; Rovigatti, Lorenzo; Bergman, Maxime; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
On the effect of the thermostat in non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations 2018 Ruiz-Franco, José; Rovigatti, Lorenzo; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
Modelling realistic microgels in an explicit solvent 2018 Camerin, F.; Gnan, N.; Rovigatti, L.; Zaccarelli, E.
Internal structure and swelling behaviour of in silico microgel particles 2018 Rovigatti, Lorenzo; Gnan, Nicoletta; Zaccarelli, Emanuela
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