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From paper to informatics: the Post Soft Care-App, an easy-to-use and fast tool to help therapists identify unmet needs in stroke patients 1-gen-2018 De Bartolo, D.; Morone, G.; Lupo, A.; Aloise, F.; Baricich, A.; DI FRANCESCO, Domenico; Calderone, C.; Cisari, C.; Verdecchia, G.; Sandrini, Giorgio; Pistarini, C.; Antonucci, G.; Smania, Nicola; Paolucci, Stefano; Iosa, M.
The Walking Brain: factors influencing human gait 1-gen-2018 DE BARTOLO, Daniela; Iosa, Marco
Movement and Nnumbers: The mathematics behind motor actions 1-gen-2019 Iosa, Marco; DE BARTOLO, Daniela; Antonucci, Gabriella; Paolucci, Stefano
Gait phase proportions in different locomotion tasks: the pivot role of golden ratio 1-gen-2019 Iosa, Marco; De Bartolo, Daniela; Morone, Giovanni; Boffi, Tommaso; Mammuccari, Elisa; Vannozzi, Giuseppe; Bini, Fabiano; Marinozzi, Franco; Antonucci, Gabriella; Paolucci, Stefano
Perceiving harmony behind walking: a study on healthy subjects 1-gen-2019 DE BARTOLO, Daniela; Antonucci, Gabriella; Iosa, Marco
Rehabilitative devices for a top-down approach 1-gen-2019 Morone, Giovanni; Spitoni, Grazia Fernanda; de Bartolo, Daniela; Ghanbari Ghooshchy, Sheida; Di Iulio, Fulvia; Paolucci, Stefano; Zoccolotti, Pierluigi; Iosa, Marco
Tailored, technological therapy: physician and therapists point of view on robotic rehabilitation 1-gen-2019 Morone, Giovanni; Iosa, Marco; De Bartolo, Daniela; Antonucci, Gabriella; Paolucci, Stefano
From movement to thought and back: a review on the role of cognitive factors influencing technological neurorehabilitation 1-gen-2019 De Bartolo, D; Spitoni, G F; Iosa, M; Morone, G; Ciancarelli, Irene; Paolucci, Stefano; Antonucci, G
Effect of different music genres on gait patterns in Parkinson’s disease 1-gen-2020 De Bartolo, D.; Morone, G.; Giordani, G.; Antonucci, G.; Russo, V.; Fusco, A.; Marinozzi, F.; Bini, F.; Spitoni, G. F.; Paolucci, S.; Iosa, M.
Sensorized assessment of dynamic locomotor imagery in people with stroke and healthy subjects 1-gen-2020 De Bartolo, D.; Belluscio, V.; Vannozzi, G.; Morone, G.; Antonucci, G.; Giordani, G.; Santucci, S.; Resta, F.; Marinozzi, F.; Bini, F.; Paolucci, S.; Iosa, M.
Te.M.P.O., an app for using temporal musical mismatch in post-stroke neurorehabilitation: a preliminary randomized controlled study 1-gen-2020 Verna, V.; De Bartolo, D.; Iosa, M.; Fadda, L.; Pinto, G.; Caltagirone, C.; De Angelis, S.; Tramontano, M.
Italian Version of the Pittsburgh Rehabilitation Participation Scale: Psychometric Analysis of Validity and Reliability 1-gen-2021 Iosa, Marco; Galeoto, Giovanni; De Bartolo, Daniela; Russo, Valentina; Ruotolo, Ilaria; Spitoni, Grazia Fernanda; Ciancarelli, Irene; Tramontano, Marco; Antonucci, Gabriella; Paolucci, Stefano; Morone, Giovanni
The golden ratio as an ecological affordance leading to aesthetic attractiveness 1-gen-2021 De Bartolo, D.; De Luca, M.; Antonucci, G.; Schuster, S.; Morone, G.; Paolucci, S.; Iosa, M.
Effects of cognitive workload on heart and locomotor rhythms coupling 1-gen-2021 DE BARTOLO, Daniela; DE GIORGI, Chiara; Compagnucci, Luca; Betti, Viviana; Antonucci, Gabriella; Morone, Giovanni; Paolucci, Stefano; Iosa, Marco
Editorial: Rhythmic Patterns in Neuroscience and Human Physiology 1-gen-2022 Dominici, Nadia; Iosa, Marco; Vannozzi, Giuseppe; De Bartolo, Daniela
The role of walking experience in the emergence of gait harmony in typically developing toddlers 1-gen-2022 De Bartolo, Daniela; Zandvoort, Coen S.; Goudriaan, Marije; Kerkman, Jennifer N.; Iosa, Marco; Dominici, Nadia
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