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Nome #
A neurophysiological training evaluation metric for air traffic management 118
The great beauty: A neuroaesthetic study by neuroelectric imaging during the observation of the real Michelangelo's Moses sculpture 114
Evaluation of the workload and drowsiness during car driving by using high resolution EEG activity and neurophysiologic indices 102
The dry revolution: Evaluation of three different eeg dry electrode types in terms of signal spectral features, mental states classification and usability 98
Assessment of mental fatigue during car driving by using high resolution EEG activity and neurophysiologic indices 96
Towards a multimodal bioelectrical framework for the online mental workload evaluation 93
Passive BCI in operational environments: insights, recent advances and future trends 90
Investigating Cooperative Behavior in Ecological Settings: An EEG Hyperscanning Study 88
Toward a cooperation index based on EEG-workload causality: preliminary findings on aerospace-like tasks 87
Human-Machine Interaction Assessment by Neurophysiological Measures: A Study on Professional Air Traffic Controllers 80
Cortical Activity and Functional Hyperconnectivity by Simultaneous EEG Recordings from Interacting Couples of Professional Pilots 80
Cooperation driven coherence: Brains working hard together 77
null 73
How the workload impacts on cognitive cooperation: A pilot study 72
Human Factors and Neurophysiological Metrics in Air Traffic Control: a Critical Review 70
EEG-based cognitive control behaviour assessment: an ecological study with professional air traffic controllers 70
EEG rhythms lateralization patterns in children with unilateral hearing loss are different from the patterns of normal hearing controls during speech-in-noise listening 67
Study of the functional hyperconnectivity between couples of pilots during flight simulation: An EEG hyperscanning study 66
Passive BCI beyond the lab: Current trends and future directions 64
A new perspective for the training assessment: Machine learning-based neurometric for augmented user's evaluation 64
Brain–Computer Interface-Based Adaptive Automation to Prevent Out-Of-The-Loop Phenomenon in Air Traffic Controllers Dealing With Highly Automated Systems 64
null 64
Investigation of the effect of EEG-BCI on the simultaneous execution of flight simulation and attentional tasks 63
How neurophysiological measures can be used to enhance the evaluation of remote tower solutions 63
On the Use of Machine Learning for EEG-Based Workload Assessment: Algorithms Comparison in a Realistic Task 63
Investigating driver fatigue versus alertness using the Granger causality network 62
Redundancy in functional brain connectivity from eeg recordings 62
Correlation and similarity between cerebral and non-cerebral electrical activity for user’s states assessment 61
null 61
A graph-theoretical approach in brain functional networks. Possible implications in EEG studies 60
The added value of the electrical neuroimaging for the evaluation of marketing stimuli 60
Brain interaction during cooperation: Evaluating local properties of multiple-brain network 59
null 57
The impact of multisensory integration and perceptual load in virtual reality settings on performance, workload and presence 57
null 57
Measuring neurophysiological signals in aircraft pilots and car drivers for the assessment of mental workload, fatigue and drowsiness 55
Quantitative Assessment of the Training Improvement in a Motor-Cognitive Task by Using EEG, ECG and EOG Signals. 55
EEG-based mental workload neurometric to evaluate the impact of different traffic and road conditions in real driving settings 53
null 50
Frontal EEG theta changes assess the training improvements of novices in flight simulation tasks 49
Involving Hearing, Haptics and Kinesthetics into Non-visual Interaction Concepts for an Augmented Remote Tower Environment 48
EEG-Based Workload Index as a Taxonomic Tool to Evaluate the Similarity of Different Robot-Assisted Surgery Systems 46
Decision support systems to promote health and well-being of people during their working age. The case of the workingage EU project 46
An EEG study on civil pilots during flight simulation 44
null 44
EEG-Based Mental Workload and Perception-Reaction Time of the Drivers While Using Adaptive Cruise Control 44
EEG-Based Mental Workload Assessment During Real Driving 43
Forefront users’ experience evaluation by employing together virtual reality and electroencephalography: a case study on cognitive effects of scents 43
Assessment of athletes' attitude: physiological evaluation via wearable sensors during grappling competitions 42
Multivariate model for cooperation: bridging Social Physiological Compliance and Hyperscanning 41
null 41
null 40
Contactless physiological assessment of mental workload during teleworking-like task 40
null 39
Neurophysiological vigilance characterisation and assessment: Laboratory and realistic validations involving professional air traffic controllers 38
A Video-Based Technique for Heart Rate and Eye Blinks Rate Estimation: A Potential Solution for Telemonitoring and Remote Healthcare 37
A multimodal and signals fusion approach for assessing the impact of stressful events on Air Traffic Controllers 36
Stress assessment by combining neurophysiological signals and radio communications of air traffic controllers 36
Monitoring performance of professional and occupational operators 35
Cochlear implant features and listening effort induction: measurement of the mental workload experienced during a word in noise recognition task 34
Wearable technologies for mental workload, stress, and emotional state assessment during working-like tasks: a comparison with laboratory technologies 34
Double-step machine learning based procedure for HFOs detection and classification 33
Joint analysis of eye blinks and brain activity to investigate attentional demand during a visual search task 33
Low-invasive neurophysiological evaluation of human emotional state on teleworkers 33
EEG-based index for timely detecting user’s drowsiness occurrence in automotive applications 33
An eeg-based transfer learning method for cross-subject fatigue mental state prediction 32
Air force pilot expertise assessment with regard to mental effort requested during unusual attitude recovery flight training simulations 32
The sample size matters: to what extent the participant reduction affects the outcomes of a neuroscientific research. A case-study in neuromarketing field 31
Wearable devices for neurophysiological evaluation during real working-like tasks: a reliability study 30
Narrowband analysis for the mental workload assessment 29
Validation of a light EEG-based measure for real-time stress monitoring during realistic driving 29
null 28
Instanceeasytl: an improved transfer-learning method for EEG-based cross-subject fatigue detection 28
null 27
Mental workload evaluation of ATCOs during ecological ATM scenarios 26
Investigating multimodal augmentations contribution to remote control tower contexts for air traffic management 25
Audio focus: interactive spatial sound coupled with haptics to improve sound source location in poor visibility 24
Mental effort estimation by passive BCI: a cross-subject analysis 24
Neurophysiological characterization of normal hearing and unilateral hearing loss children: a comparison among EEG-based indices for information processing and decision-making levels. 21
Industrial neuroscience in aviation 21
Neurophysiological Evaluation of Students' Experience during Remote and Face-to-Face Lessons: A Case Study at Driving School 19
Neurotechnology tools for industrial applications 19
Workingage: providing occupational safety through pervasive Sensing and data driven behavior modeling 19
A survey on artificial intelligence (AI) and eXplainable AI in air traffic management: current trends and development with future research trajectory 18
null 16
Air-traffic-controllers (ATCO): neurophysiological analysis of training and workload 14
Training-induced changes in information transfer efficiency of the brain network: A functional connectome approach 14
Brain computer interfaces and possible future industrial application of cognitive neuroscience 13
Evaluation of a new lightweight EEG technology for translational applications of passive brain-computer interfaces 9
null 9
Deep learning-based assessment of facial periodic affect in work-like settings 7
Real-time Pilot Crew's Mental Workload and Arousal Assessment During Simulated Flights for Training Evaluation: a Case Study 7
Adaptive automation triggered by EEG-based mental workload index: A passive brain-computer interface application in realistic air traffic control environment 7
EEG-based Approach-Withdrawal index for the pleasantness evaluation during taste experience in realistic settings 7
Neuroelectric brain imaging during a real visit of a fine arts gallery: a neuroaesthetic study of XVII century Dutch painters. 7
On the Use of Cognitive Neurometric Indexes in Aeronautic and Air Traffic Management Environments 6
A new regression-based method for the eye blinks artifacts correction in the EEG signal, without using any EOG channel 6
Validation of an EEG-based neurometric for online monitoring and detection of mental drowsiness while driving 6
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