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Horia 1
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Laurel 1
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Nome #
Street art graffiti. Discovering their composition and alteration by FTIR and micro-Raman spectroscopy 124
A new high-throughput method to make a quality control on tattoo inks 90
New advanced extraction and analytical methods applied to discrimination of different lichen species used for orcein dyed yarns. Preliminary results 88
Archeologia e archeometria del tessuto antico. Un gruppo di manufatti aurei dall’area vesuviana (Pompei, Ercolano, Oplontis) 85
Essential oil composition and total metabolite content of a chemotype of Ajuga reptans L. (Lamiaceae) collected in Central Italy 84
Deepening inside the pictorial layers of Etruscan sarcophagus of Hasti Afunei: An innovative micro-sampling technique for Raman/SERS analyses 81
Spectroscopy for contemporary art. Discovering the effect of synthetic organic pigments on UVB degradation of acrylic binder 78
Pedicularis L. Genus. Systematics, botany, phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, ethnopharmacology, and other 78
New developments in the synthesis of emicoron 71
Dyes from the ashes. Discovering and characterizing natural dyes from mineralized textiles 70
Chemical profiling of the fruits of Styrax officinalis L. from Monti Lucretili (Latium region, Central Italy). Chemotaxonomy and nutraceutical potential 68
Phytochemical study on the leaves of Wollemia nobilis 67
A new multi analytical approach for the identification of synthetic and natural dyes mixtures. The case of orcein-mauveine mixture in a historical dress of a Sicilian noblewoman of nineteenth century 67
It’s only a part of the story. Analytical Investigation of the inks and dyes used in the Privilegium Maius 66
Iridoid glycosides and polyphenolic compounds from teucrium chamaedrys L. 61
Lignans and secoiridoid glycosides from the stem barks of Jasminum tortuosum 60
A new byciclic monoterpene glucoside and a new biflavone from the male reproduction organs of Wollemia nobilis 58
How the extraction method could be crucial in the characterization of natural dyes from dyed yarns and lake pigments: the case of american and armenian cochineal dyes, extracted through the new ammonia-EDTA method 53
Gel substrates and ammonia-EDTA extraction solution. A new non-destructive combined approach for the identification of anthraquinone dyes from wool textiles 49
Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials: an overview for cultural heritage 48
A new approach to the mild extraction of madder dyes from lake and textile 48
Phytochemical characteristics of Galeopsis ladanum subsp. angustifolia (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Gaudin collected in Abruzzo region (Central Italy) with chemotaxonomic and ethnopharmacological implications 46
Lucio Fontana and the light. Spectroscopic analysis of the artist's collection at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art 41
Characterization of compounds presents in Reseda lake through a new mild extraction method and micro-sampling with Ag-gel matrix associated with SERS analysis 40
Application of the new ammonia mild extraction technique to cochineal dyed yarn 37
La metodologia di estrazione “soft” NH3–EDTA e il micro-campionamento con matrice Ag-gel associato ad analisi SERS per lo studio e l’identificazione dei materiali pittorici nei Beni Culturali 37
Iridoids of chemotaxonomy relevance, a new antirrhinoside ester and other constituents from Kickxia spuria subsp. integrifolia (Brot.) R. Fern 37
Studio ed identificazione dei coloranti fenossazonici. Caso studio: abito di una nobildonna siciliana del XIX secolo come primo esempio della commistione di coloranti naturali e sintetici 36
Characterization of compounds present in lake and textile, through ammonia mild extraction technique and micro-sampling with Ag-gel matrix associated with SERS analysis 35
Migliore Comunicazione Poster, Ilaria Serafini et al.,“Methodology for the identification of organic dyes used in tapestries”, Abstract “5th CMA4CH Mediterraneum Meeting”. 33
Interpretation of SERS spectra of natural lake pigments: a SERS database of isolated compounds present in ammonia extracts obtained through HPTLC-SERS 33
Un caso di studio: caratterizzazione dei coloranti organici negli arazzi di Raffaello 32
Tecniche innovative per lo studio e l’identificazione dei materiali pittorici nei Beni Culturali: la metodologia di estrazione “soft” NH3–EDTA e il micro-campionamento con matrice Ag-gel associato ad analisi SERS 32
A multi-analytical approach for characterization of orcein dyes in historical textiles, extracted through a new alkaline extraction protocol 31
Phytochemical profile of wollemia nobilis half-matured female cones and their potential ethnopharmacological and nutraceutical activities 29
Identificazione del pattern molecolare dei coloranti antrachinonici, ottenuti dai Coccidi, nei materiali artistici, attraverso una nuova metodologia “soft” di estrazione 28
Study on the polar fraction of an European mushroom: Suillus bellinii (Inzenga) Kuntze 27
Dyes of a shadow theatre: Investigating tholu bommalu indian puppets through a highly sensitive multi-spectroscopic approach 27
null 25
Composizione per uso nella finitura, conservazione, restauro di manufatti 25
Identification of organic dyes from Rubia tinctorum L. used in tapestries 24
Comparison of molecular pattern of American and Armenia cochineal dyed yarns, extracted through a new mild extraction technique 24
null 23
null 21
Natural dyes from Rubia tinctorum L., used in tapestries 21
Identificazione dei composti organici impiegati nella tintura di arazzi 21
null 20
null 18
Gel microextraction from hydrophilic paint layers. A comparison between Agar-gel and Nanorestore Gel® HWR for spectroscopic identification of madder 14
New protocols for historical dyes analysis: gel-supported liquid-extraction for multi-technical identification of natural colorants 13
Methodology for the Identification of Organic Dyes Used in Tapestries 13
Gel in-situ extraction of organic colourants for UV-Vis spectroscopy and SERS identification 11
Photons for photography. A first diagnostic approach to polaroid emulsion transfer on paper in Paolo Gioli's artworks 11
On-gel sampling for analytical investigation of dyes in pictorial artworks: new advances 11
Characterization of Madder compounds present in lake and textile, throw ammonia extraction and micro-sampling with Ag-gel matrix associated with SERS analysis 9
A new on-gel sampling system for identification of lake-pigments in polychromies 8
Modern Paints used in Street Art: Discovering their composition and alteration by FT-IR and µ-Raman spectroscopy 8
A whiter shade of vase. Discovering the white colors of an ancient Apulian krater through XRPD and Raman spectroscopy 8
Phytochemical analysis on the aerial parts of Teucrium capitatum L. with aspects of chemosystematics and ethnobotany 7
Synthetic dyes of the 1980s: a new multi-analytical approach to the isolation and identification of ACNA wool dyes 6
Proposal of a new mild extraction technique for organic dyes in historical artworks 3
Characterization of compounds present in the ammonia extract of Madder lake, using NMR, ESI-MS and HPTLC-SERS 3
D-ART Srl 3
Towards the identification of the lichen species in historical orchil dyes by HPLC-MS/MS 2
Imaging Diagnostics Coupled with Non-Invasive and Micro-Invasive Analyses for the Restoration of Ethnographic Artifacts from French Polynesia 1
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