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Continente #
NA - Nord America 1269
EU - Europa 388
AS - Asia 229
AF - Africa 49
SA - Sud America 14
OC - Oceania 3
Totale 1952
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1248
IT - Italia 276
PK - Pakistan 48
TR - Turchia 47
IN - India 36
DE - Germania 27
IR - Iran 22
CA - Canada 21
JP - Giappone 15
ZA - Sudafrica 15
CN - Cina 14
FR - Francia 13
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 12
GR - Grecia 11
UZ - Uzbekistan 11
GB - Regno Unito 10
CL - Cile 8
CM - Camerun 8
VN - Vietnam 8
RU - Federazione Russa 7
EG - Egitto 6
LY - Libia 6
BR - Brasile 5
DZ - Algeria 5
OM - Oman 5
TN - Tunisia 5
LK - Sri Lanka 4
MY - Malesia 4
NL - Olanda 4
AU - Australia 3
BE - Belgio 3
BG - Bulgaria 3
FI - Finlandia 3
IE - Irlanda 3
KR - Corea 3
RO - Romania 3
UA - Ucraina 3
AT - Austria 2
HR - Croazia 2
LT - Lituania 2
PL - Polonia 2
SD - Sudan 2
TW - Taiwan 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
EC - Ecuador 1
ES - Italia 1
GE - Georgia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IL - Israele 1
IQ - Iraq 1
KE - Kenya 1
MN - Mongolia 1
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 1
NG - Nigeria 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
SE - Svezia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
Totale 1952
Città #
Rome 192
Fairfield 144
Santa Cruz 132
Houston 92
Buffalo 90
Seattle 68
Woodbridge 60
Ashburn 51
Wilmington 46
Cambridge 45
Ann Arbor 44
Chicago 30
Las Vegas 23
Delhi 21
Des Moines 19
Mountain View 16
Clearwater 15
Muizenberg 15
Dallas 13
San Diego 13
Islamabad 12
Ottawa 12
Milan 11
Çukurova 11
Lahore 10
Phoenix 10
Tashkent 9
Andover 8
Los Angeles 8
New York 8
Lake Forest 7
Otemachi 7
San Francisco 7
Bengaluru 6
Henderson 6
Provo 6
Toronto 6
University Park 6
Boardman 5
Bremen 5
Hanoi 5
Muscat 5
Tehran 5
Tekirdag 5
Athens 4
Brooklyn 4
Cagliari 4
Fleming Island 4
Istanbul 4
Kota 4
Napoli 4
Tripoli 4
Bari 3
Beijing 3
Crugers 3
Dublin 3
Juiz De Fora 3
Lincoln 3
Milpitas 3
Nagold 3
Riva 3
Tokyo 3
Venezia 3
Wuhan 3
Yellow Springs 3
Adapazarı 2
Atlanta 2
Benghazi 2
Bologna 2
Bolton 2
Bucharest 2
Bukhara 2
Changchun 2
Changsha 2
Charlotte 2
Colle Di Val D'elsa 2
Core 2
Dong Ket 2
Frankfurt Am Main 2
Grafing 2
Karachi 2
Khartoum 2
Konya 2
Lokeren 2
Naples 2
Patras 2
Perugia 2
Pisa 2
Providence 2
Puteaux 2
San Jose 2
Sanliurfa 2
Santiago 2
Tabriz 2
Washington 2
Zahedan 2
Adiyaman 1
Ajaccio 1
Akron 1
Ankara 1
Totale 1446
Nome #
Secondary metabolites with ecologic and medicinal implications in Anthemis cretica subsp. petraea from Majella National Park, file e3835315-c420-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 195
Iridoid glucosides from Pentas lanceolata (Forssk.) Deflers growing on the Island of Sardinia, file e3835314-2da8-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 157
Phytochemical study of a species with ethnopharmacological interest. Sideritis romana L., file e3835314-5d34-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 156
Isoflavones and other compounds from the roots of Iris marsica I. Ricci E Colas. Collected from Majella National Park, Italy, file e3835316-691e-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 143
Deepening inside the pictorial layers of Etruscan sarcophagus of Hasti Afunei: An innovative micro-sampling technique for Raman/SERS analyses, file e3835323-5d44-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 140
Natural aromatic compounds as scaffolds to develop selective G-quadruplex ligands. From previously reported berberine derivatives to new palmatine analogues, file e383531a-b4cd-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 136
Phytochemical analysis and biological activities of the ethanolic extract of Daphne sericea Vahl flowering aerial parts collected in Central Italy, file e383532b-2a0b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 131
The Genus Haplophyllum Juss. Phytochemistry and bioactivities. A review, file e383532c-c9fb-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 106
Polar constituents and biological activity of the berry-like fruits from hypericum androsaemum L., file e3835314-7187-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 98
Pedicularis L. Genus. Systematics, botany, phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, ethnopharmacology, and other, file e3835322-d752-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 95
Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil from Helichrysum microphyllum Cambess. ssp. tyrrhenicum Bacch., Brullo e Giusso growing in La Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia., file e3835314-28a2-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 94
New developments in the synthesis of emicoron, file e383531b-d304-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 94
Targeting G-quadruplex DNA structures by EMICORON has a strong antitumor efficacy against advanced models of human colon cancer, file e3835325-2301-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 65
Nor-lignans. Occurrence in plants and biological activities. A review, file e3835324-7421-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 61
Phytochemical analysis and trypanocidal activity of Marrubium incanum Desr., file e3835327-39fb-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 60
Dyes from the ashes. Discovering and characterizing natural dyes from mineralized textiles, file e3835326-0bf9-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 57
Phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, and biological activities of the Araucariaceae family. A Review, file e3835327-418c-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 56
Reassessment of the polar fraction of Stachys alopecuros (L.) Benth. subsp. divulsa (Ten.) Grande (Lamiaceae) from the Monti Sibillini National Park. A potential source of bioactive compounds, file e3835316-eff0-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 32
There is not only Cupressus sempervirens L. A review on the phytochemistry and bioactivities of the other Cupressus L. species, file 4f131647-545d-491f-b1f0-be236a2fe987 16
The occurrence of phenyl propanoid glycosides in endemic Teucrium species, file e3835311-f395-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 7
A syn-ent-labdadiene derivative with a rare spiro-β-lactone function from the male cones of Wollemia nobilis, file e383531e-7719-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 7
Iridoids from sardinian endemic Linaria species, file e383532d-c3d9-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 7
null, file e383531e-a3e5-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 6
Sulfur-containing secondary metabolites as neuroprotective agents, file e3835328-b4d5-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 6
Phytochemical study on the leaves of Wollemia nobilis, file e3835318-2549-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 5
New coumarinyl ethers in Daphne oleoides schreb. Collected from Sardinia Island, file e3835322-2e1a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 5
Leucosceptosides A and B. Two phenyl-ethanoid glycosides with important occurrence and biological activities, file 3b9b0520-caf3-42cb-9888-63a96d9522b1 4
Anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant activity of dihydroasparagusic acid in lipopolysaccharide-activated microglial cells, file e3835314-2daa-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Phytochemistry, micromorphology and bioactivities of Ajuga chamaepitys (L.) Schreb. (Lamiaceae, Ajugoideae).Two new harpagide derivatives and an unusual iridoid glycosides pattern, file e3835315-46b5-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
The Vatican museum and the organic natural products. The Raphael’s frescoes and the “Last Judgment” by Nicolò and Giovanni, file e3835321-f261-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Azo-pigments effect on UV degradation of contemporary art pictorial film: A FTIR-NMR combination study, file e3835322-101e-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
Harpagide.Occurrence in plants and biological activities - A review, file e3835328-048a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 4
The occurrence of iridoid glycosides in Cymbalaria spp. in Italy, file e3835311-9f4a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Iridoids and phenylethanoid glycosides from the aerial parts of Ajuga tenorei, an endemic Italian species, file e3835315-a2cd-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Essential oil composition and polar fraction analysis of Tanacetum macrophyllum (Waldst. et Kit.) Schultz Bip, file e3835319-701a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
The nutraceutical importance of Lamiaceae species and its correlation with phytochemistry, file e383531b-65fd-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Coumarins and other components of Daphne oleoides Schreb. subsp. oleoides from Majella National Park, file e383531e-7b1a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Phytochemistry, chemotaxonomy, ethnopharmacology, and nutraceutics of lamiaceae, file e383531f-6488-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
null, file e3835321-f185-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Phytochemical analysis of non-volatile fraction of artemisia caerulescens subsp. densiflora (Viv.) (Asteraceae), an endemic species of la Maddalena Archipelago (Sardinia-Italy), file e3835323-a477-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Iridoids and phenylethanoid from pedicularis kerneri Dalla Torre growing in Dolomites, Italy, file e3835323-c516-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Secondary metabolites of Tilia tomentosa Moench inflorescences collected in Central Italy: chemotaxonomy relevance and phytochemical rationale of traditional use, file e3835325-87f3-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
A new diterpene and other compounds from the unripe female cones of Wollemia nobilis, file e383532d-2bde-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 3
Pivaloylcodeine, a new codeine derivative, for the inhibition of morphine glucuronidation. An in vitro study in the rat, file e3835312-e9f5-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Antioxidant and anti-collagenase activity of Hypericum hircinum L, file e3835314-28a6-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Phytochemical study of Cistus libanotis L, file e3835314-325a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
STUDIES ON PLANTS OF CENTRAL ITALY AREA: SIDERITIS ROMANA L. SUBSP. ROMANA., file e3835314-3c3f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Unusual molecular pattern in Ajugoideae subfamily. The case of Ajuga genevensis L. from Dolomites, file e3835315-0f3d-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Perylene and coronene derivatives binding to G-rich promoter oncogene sequences efficiently reduce their expression in cancer cells, file e3835315-50b0-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Scenedesmus dimorphus (Turpin) Kützing growth with digestate from biogas plant in outdoor bag photobioreactors, file e3835315-a5c2-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
null, file e3835316-34f8-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Polar constituents, essential oil and antioxidant activity of marsh woundwort (Stachys palustris L.), file e3835316-6d33-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Chemical traits of hemiparasitism in Odontites luteus, file e3835316-ecf8-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Everlasting flower (Helichrysum stoechas Moench) as a potential source of bioactive molecules with antiproliferative, antioxidant, antidiabetic and neuroprotective properties, file e3835317-a472-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Composition of the essentialoOil of coristospermum cuneifolium and antimicrobial activity evaluation, file e3835318-194f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Semi-synthesis of three precursors of carbocyclic nucleoside analogues, file e3835318-22ec-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Chemical profiling of the fruits of Styrax officinalis L. from Monti Lucretili (Latium region, Central Italy). Chemotaxonomy and nutraceutical potential, file e383531a-155b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
HPLC and NMR analysis of the phenyl-ethanoid glycosides pattern of Verbascum thapsus L. cultivated in the Etnean area, file e383531a-91ba-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Iridoid glycosides and polyphenolic compounds from teucrium chamaedrys L., file e383531a-9d16-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
How the extraction method could be crucial in the characterization of natural dyes from dyed yarns and lake pigments: the case of american and armenian cochineal dyes, extracted through the new ammonia-EDTA method, file e383531b-6394-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Phytochemical profile of wollemia nobilis half-matured female cones and their potential ethnopharmacological and nutraceutical activities, file e383531c-2e75-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Volatile components, polar constituents and biological activity of tansy daisy (Tanacetum macrophyllum (Waldst. et Kit.) Schultz Bip.), file e383531c-4813-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Endemic plants of Italy and their peculiar molecular pattern, file e383531e-8b8a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
A new byciclic monoterpene glucoside and a new biflavone from the male reproduction organs of Wollemia nobilis, file e383531e-9374-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Detection of picramic acid and picramate in henné products by NMR spectroscopy, file e383531f-befc-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
New advanced extraction and analytical methods applied to discrimination of different lichen species used for orcein dyed yarns. Preliminary results, file e3835321-ed18-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 2
Phytochemical analysis on the seeds of a new Iranian Plantago ovata Forssk. population specimen, file 53673025-86b0-44d7-b8da-325a01de794b 1
Modern Paints used in Street Art: Discovering their composition and alteration by FT-IR and µ-Raman spectroscopy, file 56e66750-4ce8-4e10-ad0f-ef2949bc4794 1
Phytochemical study of Caulerpa racemosa (Forsk.) J. Agarth, an invading alga in the habitat of La Maddalena Archipelago, file e3835313-4163-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
A new problem. Contamination of botanicals by phthalates. Rapid detection tests, file e3835313-6664-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Reassessment of Melittis melissophyllum L. subsp. melissophyllum iridoidic fraction, file e3835313-67b3-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Essential oil chemotypification and secretory structures of the neglected vegetable Smyrnium olusatrum L. (Apiaceae) growing in central Italy, file e3835314-322a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Antioxidant and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities of Achillea tenorii, file e3835314-325c-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Essential oil composition, polar compounds, glandular trichomes and biological activity of Hyssopus officinalis subsp. aristatus (Godr.) Nyman from central Italy, file e3835314-325d-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Study Of The Iridoidic Content Of The Roots Of Ajuga chamaepitys (L.) Schreb Subsp. chamaepitys, file e3835314-36d4-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
null, file e3835314-3e6d-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Sugar composition of the moss Rhodobryum ontariense (Kindb.) Kindb., file e3835314-46cd-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Aromatic Core Extension in the Series of N-Cyclic Bay-Substituted Perylene G-Quadruplex Ligands: Increased Telomere Damage, Antitumor Activity, and Strong Selectivity for Neoplastic over Healthy Cells, file e3835314-46d2-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Secondary metabolites from Scrophularia canina L, file e3835315-0067-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Analisi fitochimica investigativa sulla frazione polare di una specie dagli impieghi etnomedicinali: Teucrium polium L., file e3835315-46b3-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Secondary metabolites, glandular trichomes and biological activity of Sideritis montana L. subsp. montana from central Italy, file e3835315-6ffc-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Constituents of Melittis melissophyllum subsp. albida, file e3835315-738f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
A new glucosidic phthalide from Helichrysum microphyllum subsp. tyrrhenicum from La Maddalena Island (Sardinia, Italy), file e3835315-b2fa-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Polar constituents, protection against reactive oxygen species, and nutritional value of Chinese artichoke (Stachys affinis Bunge), file e3835315-f038-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Study on the molecular composition of an indigenous Italian species. Coristospermum cuneifolium (Guss.) Bertol, file e3835316-402f-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Terpenoids and more polar compounds from the male cones of Wollemia nobilis, file e3835316-4576-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Phytochemical analysis of the ethanolic extract of Agathis robusta (C. Moore ex F. Muell.) F.M. Bailey, file e3835317-224b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Secondary metabolites from Teucrium polium L. collected in Southern Iran, file e3835317-7e6a-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Phytochemical comparison with quantitative analysis between two flower phenotypes of mentha aquatica L. Pink-violet and white, file e3835317-c73b-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Phytochemical characteristics of Galeopsis ladanum subsp. angustifolia (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Gaudin collected in Abruzzo region (Central Italy) with chemotaxonomic and ethnopharmacological implications, file e3835317-d4f4-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
null, file e3835318-09c8-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
null, file e3835318-1343-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Terpenoids of linaria alpina (L.) Mill. from Dolomites, Italy, file e383531a-ef44-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Phytochemical profile of Euphorbia peplus L. collected in Central Italy and NMR semi-quantitative analysis of the diterpenoid fraction, file e383531b-9076-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
Phytochemical profile of Euphorbia peplus L. collected in Central Italy and NMR semi-quantitative analysis of the diterpenoid fraction, file e383531b-9077-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
null, file e383531b-97e9-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
null, file e383531b-f28d-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
HPLC and NMR analysis of the phenyl-ethanoid glycosides pattern of Verbascum thapsus L. cultivated in the Etnean area, file e383531c-a32e-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
A new natural neo-clerodane from Teucrium polium L. collected in Northern Iran, file e383531d-7532-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
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