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Retrospective Causal Inference via Matrix Completion, with an Evaluation of the Effect of European Integration on Cross-Border Employment 9
Causal analysis of central bank holdings of corporate bonds under interference 9
Bayesian Causal Inference with Bipartite Record Linkage 9
Assessing Causal Effects in a Longitudinal Observational Study With “Truncated” Outcomes Due to Unemployment and Nonignorable Missing Data 7
Identifiability of causal models with ignorable assignments and non-ignorable treatments 7
Bayesian inference for causal effects with noncompliance and nonignorable missing data 7
An application of a discrete-time duration model to a dataset on students from the University of Pisa 7
Un’analisi descrittiva dei laureati dell’Università di Pisa 6
Evaluation of the effect of debit cards on cash demand by propensity score regressions in a principal stratification model 6
null 5
A regression discontinuity design for ordinal running variables: Evaluating central bank purchases of corporate bonds 5
Do debit cards increase household spending? Evidence from a semiparametric causal analysis of a survey 5
Improving inference of Gaussian mixtures using auxiliary variables 4
Household wealth in a cross-country perspective 4
Evaluation of causal direct effects in models with instrumental variables 4
Do debit cards decrease cash demand?: causal inference and sensitivity analysis using principal stratification 3
A Likelihood-Based Analysis for Relaxing the Exclusion Restriction in Randomized Experiments with Noncompliance 3
The role of financial factors for European corporate investment 3
Evaluation of Language Training Programs in Luxembourg using Principal Stratification 3
Identifying types in contest experiments 3
Effects of eligibility for central bank purchases on corporate bond spreads 3
Effect of the use of Credit Cards on Italian Families' Liquidity: an empirical evaluation 2
Assessing the effect of debit cards on households' spending under the uncounfoundedness assumption 2
Rilevanza delle analisi di misture di distribuzioni nelle valutazioni di efficacia con metodi di inferenza causale 2
Analyzing a randomized experiment with imperfect compliance and ignorable conditions for missing data: theoretical and computational issues 1
Identifiability of causal effects with non-ignorable missing data using instrumental variables 1
A constrained maximum likelihood estimation for relaxing the exclusion restriction in causal inference 1
Identifiability of causal effects in randomized experiments with noncompliance, nonignorable missing data, and binary outcomes 1
Missing at random in randomized experiments with imperfect compliance 1
La gestione dei dati mancanti nei modelli di inferenza causale: il caso degli esperimenti naturali 1
Semiparametric methods for causal inference: the effect of debit cards on households' spending 1
Evaluating the European central bank corporate sector purchase program via a regression discontinuity design with an ordered forcing variable 1
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