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Nome #
Pavement testing by integrated geophysical methods: Feasibility, resolution and diagnostic potential 100
Indagini geofisiche integrate ad alta risoluzione per la diagnostica delle pavimentazioni aeroportuali 97
Geophysical and geochemical techniques to assess the origin of rising damp of a Roman building (Ostia Antica archaeological site) 93
Tomographic inversion of time-domain resistivity and chargeability data for the investigation of landfills using a priori information 89
Advances in electric resistivity tomography. Theory and case studies 88
A flexible interface for tomographic inversion of real and complex resistivity data in EIDORS 88
Evaluation of tunnel stability using integrated geophysical methods 87
2D inversion of borehole logging data for simultaneous determination of rock interfaces and petrophysical parameters 78
Electrical resistivity and induced polarization tomography in identifying the plume of chlorinated hydrocarbons in sedimentary formation: A case study in Rho (Milan - Italy) 78
Geophysical Investigation for the rehabilitation of a flood Control Embankment. 77
Assessing the State of Conservation of a Masonry Building through the Combined Use of Electrical and Seismic Tomography 77
Italian accelerometric archive: geological, geophysical and geotechnical investigations at strong-motion stations 76
Engineering-geology model of the seismically-induced Cerda landslide 74
Integrated geophysical methods for the characterisation of an archaeological site (Massenzio Basilica - roman forum, Rome, Italy) 72
Integrated geophysical surveys on waste dumps: evaluation of physical parameters to characterize an urban waste dump (four case studies in Italy) 72
Characterization of a Pre-Trajan wall by integrated geophysical methods 71
Integrated geophysical survey to detect buried structures for archaeological prospecting. A case-history at Sabine Necropolis (Rome – Italy) 71
Assessing foundation stability and soil-structure interaction through integrated geophysical techniques:a case history in Rome (Italy) 68
Introductory note on Celano project 67
Hybrid approach for travel-time seismic tomography in elliptical anisotropic media 67
Multidimensional electrical resistivity survey for bedrock detection at the Rieti plain (Central Italy) 62
2D data modelling by electrical resistivity tomography for complex subsurface geology 62
Shear-wave velocity profiling at sites with high stiffness contrasts: a comparison between invasive and non-invasive methods 61
Characterization of an earth-filled dam through the combined use of Electrical Resistivity Tomography, P- and SH-wave seismic tomography and Surface wave data 59
Integrated Geophysical Surveys to investigate the Scarsella vault of St. John's Baptistery in Florence 59
Geophysical investigations for seismic zonation in municipal areas with complex geology: The case study of Celano, Italy 58
null 58
Two case studies of the determination of parameters of urban waste dumps 57
Detection and imaging of piping sinkholes by integrated geophysical methods 56
Induced-polarization and resistivity survey; detection and mapping of contaminant plume (Rho – Milan a case study) 55
Underground cavity investigation within the city of Rome (Italy): A multi-disciplinary approach combining geological and geophysical data 55
The Importance of Geological Models in Understanding and Predicting the Life Span of Rockslide Dams: The Case of Scanno Lake, Central Italy 55
Geoelectrical survey of structures closed in depth by two dipping discontinuities 53
Ray tracing in elliptical anisotropic media using Linear Traveltime Interpolation (LTI) method applied to traveltime seismic tomography 50
A comparison of widely-used seismic methods for shear wave profiling on soil sites with high stiffness contrast 50
Geophysical investigation for the rehabilitation of a flood control embankment Near Surface Geophysics 49
Tomografia di Resistività Complessa ed analisi di Polarizzazione Indotta Spettrale per la caratterizzazione 2D e 3D dei suoli a scala di laboratorio 49
VEMI. A flexible interface for 3D tomographic inversion of time-and frequency-domain electrical data in EIDORS 49
Integrated geophysical methods to detect buried structures for archeological prospection 48
Staggered grids as a tool to improve the model resolution in seismic tomography for elliptical anisotropic media 48
3D complex resistivity tomography on cylindrical models using EIDORS 47
Grid Setting in Seismic Tomography for Elliptical Anisotropic Media 47
Quasi 2D hybrid joint inversion of seimic and geoelectric data 46
Complex Resistivity Tomography and Spectral Induced Polarization analysis on a laboratory device for 2D and 3D soil characterization 46
Geoelectrical surveys of dipping structures 45
Geophysical and geological survey to plan a low enthalpy geothermal system. The case study of Borgo Isonzo - Latina Italy 44
Three-dimensional reconstruction of a masonry building through electrical and seismic tomography validated by biological analyses 43
Nuovi dati a supporto del modello geologico e geotecnico della frana di Cerda (Palermo) attivata dal terremoto del 6 settembre 2002 42
Integrated geophysical survey in the urban area the case of n-e foot of palatino hill (Rome,Iitaly) 41
Le cavità sotterranee a Roma: il ruolo delle indagini geofisiche nella stima del rischio e l'importanza di un approccio multiplinare 41
Geoelectric Survey by ERT to investigate marble ruins of Roman Forum, Rome - Italy 39
Modelling 2D complex anomalies by seismic tomography (detection and delineation of anomalies with sharp boundaries) 39
P and S waves cross-hole suirveys, characterisation of the Orvieto hil formations 39
Statistical pattern recognition technique to enhance anomalies in magnetic survey 37
Comparison among GPR measurements and ultrasonic tomographies with different inversion algorithms. An application to the basement of an ancient Egyptian sculpture 35
Seismic transmission tomography:determination of the elastic properties of building structures (some examples) 34
Geophysics and cultural heritage. A living field of research for Italian geophysicists 33
Surface and borehole geophysics for the rehabilitation of a concrete dam (Penne, Central Italy) 33
Ray tracing applied to travel time seismic tomography: theory and examples 31
Interazione tra insediamenti produttivi e rischi naturali in bacini appenninici intermontani: il caso di studio della Conca di Sulmona (AQ) 31
Characterization of a pre-Trajan wall structure by integrated geophysical methods 31
Tomografia elettrica di resistività e caricabilità nel dominio del tempo a scala di laboratorio 31
The use of 3D and 2D seismic tomography for assessing the physical integrity of building panels. 30
Indagini geofisiche integrate per l'individuazione e la cartterizzazione di sinkholes. Un caso di studio: la Piana di San Vittorino (RI) 30
The importance of the geological model to understand and predict the life span of rockslide dams: the Scanno Lake case study, Central Italy 30
Assessment of errors from different electrode materials and configurations for electrical resistivity and time-domain IP data on laboratory models 30
An application of travel time seismic tomography for archaeological purpose 29
Seismic refraction, isotropic and anisotropic seismic tomography on an ancient monument (Antonino and Faustina temple 141 A.D.) 29
Evaluation of restoration results on the Antonino and Faustina temple in Rome through seismic transmission tomography: comparison of P-wave velocities before and after restoration 28
Earthen dam investigation through integrated geophysical techniques 28
Electrical resistivity and seismic refraction tomography to detect buryed cavity 27
Variable damping factor in travel time tomography 26
3D tomography of some pillars of the Coliseum 26
Indagini geofisiche propedeutiche alla messa in sicurezza di una diga di laminazione sul fiume volturno (IS). 24
Hybrid approach for travel time seismic tomography in elliptical anysotropic media 24
Determination of parameters of urban waste dumps, two case histories 24
Three-dimensional electrical and seismic tomography for assessing the state of conservation of a masonry wall 23
Preface 23
Studi di risposta sismica locale in aree di dorsale carbonatica: il caso di Monte San Giovanni Campano (FR) - (Capitolo 7) 23
2D approach for modelling self-potential anomalies. Application to synthetic and real data 23
Seismic Survey of some pillars of Coliseum (Rome,Italy) 21
Esperienze sulla misura di VS in sito tramite tecniche sismiche in foro: il contributo dell'Università di Roma "Sapienza" ai progetti S4 ed S6 INGV-DPC 20
A quasi 2D joint inversion of seismic and geoelectric data. 17
Sonic tomography of the stone pillars of a 17th century church 17
null 15
Seismic 3D-tomography with statistical constraints on pillars of the Coliseum, Rome 13
Velocity and Absorption Analysis from Tomographic sonic Experiments on Ancient Stone Pillars 12
Tracciamento di raggi sismici in un mezzo trasversalmente isotropo nel caso di tomografia a geometria complessa 12
null 10
Stability of slope debris at the margin of intra-montane basins: the Fonte Grande landslide (Celano – AQ) 2
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