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NA - Nord America 854
EU - Europa 321
AS - Asia 38
AF - Africa 26
SA - Sud America 9
OC - Oceania 4
Totale 1252
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 820
IT - Italia 235
MX - Messico 22
FR - Francia 15
GB - Regno Unito 13
ZA - Sudafrica 13
CA - Canada 12
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 12
DE - Germania 11
IR - Iran 9
ES - Italia 7
CL - Cile 6
IN - India 6
SE - Svezia 6
CN - Cina 5
SG - Singapore 5
AU - Australia 4
BJ - Benin 4
NL - Olanda 4
TR - Turchia 4
AT - Austria 3
BR - Brasile 3
IE - Irlanda 3
NO - Norvegia 3
TZ - Tanzania 3
UA - Ucraina 3
BH - Bahrain 2
DK - Danimarca 2
ET - Etiopia 2
JP - Giappone 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
DZ - Algeria 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
HU - Ungheria 1
ID - Indonesia 1
KE - Kenya 1
KR - Corea 1
LV - Lettonia 1
MA - Marocco 1
NG - Nigeria 1
NP - Nepal 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
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Rome 188
Santa Cruz 114
Ashburn 72
Fairfield 72
Buffalo 58
Houston 44
Seattle 32
Cambridge 30
Woodbridge 28
Ann Arbor 18
Chicago 14
Des Moines 14
Wilmington 14
Boardman 12
Las Vegas 11
Los Angeles 8
Muizenberg 8
Fleming Island 7
Phoenix 7
Mexico 6
San Diego 6
Stockholm 6
Culiacán 5
Wimereux 5
Andover 4
Brooklyn 4
Herndon 4
Milan 4
San Jose 4
Singapore 4
Bolzano 3
Council Bluffs 3
Croydon 3
Dar es Salaam 3
Edmonton 3
Forlì 3
Henderson 3
Isparta 3
La Paz 3
Melbourne 3
Mexico City 3
Ottawa 3
Siena 3
Turin 3
Valencia 3
Ancona 2
Barcelona 2
Campina Grande 2
Clearwater 2
Crugers 2
Durban 2
Frederiksberg 2
Lake Forest 2
London 2
Montpellier 2
Mountain View 2
New York 2
Oaxaca City 2
Palm Coast 2
Pontypridd 2
Prague 2
Providence 2
Provo 2
Riva 2
Salem 2
San Francisco 2
Shanghai 2
Toronto 2
Venezia 2
Xalapa 2
oThongathi 2
Ahmedabad 1
Alicante 1
Appeville-Annebault 1
As 1
Asker 1
Asti 1
Bengaluru 1
Bergamo 1
Bo 1
Bologna 1
Boulder 1
Büdelsdorf 1
Castleisland 1
Centro 1
Cerveteri 1
Chandler 1
Cosenza 1
Dallas 1
Delhi 1
Denver 1
Dublin 1
Dulles 1
Easton 1
Fremont 1
Garching 1
Gelsenkirchen 1
Grande Prairie 1
Gransee 1
Groningen 1
Totale 929
Nome #
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Non-natives: 141 scientists object, file e3835312-0f7d-15e8-e053-a505fe0a3de9 1
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