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How much exposure to English is necessary for a bilingual toddler to perform like a monolingual peer in language tests? 2014 Cattani, A; Abbot-Smith, K; Farag, R; Krott, A; Arreckx, F; Dennis, I; Floccia, C.
How much has been said about corruption? A text analytics method for literature review 2022 Mercurio, Simona; Iezzi, domenica fioredistella
How much is known about glassy materials in Bronze and Iron Age Italy? New data and general overview 2018 Conte, Sonia; Matarese, Ilaria; Vezzalini, Giovanna; Pacciarelli, Marco; Scarano, Teodoro; Vanzetti, Alessandro; Gratuze, Bernard; Arletti, Rossella
How much memory is needed for leader election 2010 Fusco, EMANUELE GUIDO; Pelc, A.
How much memory is needed for leader election 2011 Fusco, EMANUELE GUIDO; Andrzej, Pelc
How much organizational slack and attentions affect firm's performance? 2016 Orlando, Beatrice; Renzi, Antonio; Sancetta, Giuseppe
How much phenotypic variation can be attribuited to parkin genotype? 2003 Lohmann, E; Periquet, M; Bonifati, Vincenzo; Meco, Giuseppe; FRENCH PARKINSON'S DISEASE GENETICS STUDY, Group; CONSORTIUM ON GENETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY IN PARKINSON'S, Disease
How much sleep do we need? 2001 M., Ferrara; DE GENNARO, Luigi
How much time do parents spend with their children? Italian time transfers by age, gender, and parity, in a comparative perspective 2011 Emilio, Zagheni; Zannella, Marina
How much we follow guidelines in surgery of melanoma: it's time to reflect! 2018 Paolino, Giovanni
How mucosal epithelia deal with stress: Role of NKG2D/NKG2D ligands during inflammation 2017 Antonangeli, Fabrizio; Soriani, Alessandra; Cerboni, Cristina; Sciumè, Giuseppe; Santoni, Angela
How Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) progresses. The natural history of ME/CFS 2020 Nacul, L; O'Boyle, S; Palla, L; Nacul, F; Mudie, K; Kingdon, Cc; Cliff, Mj; Taane, Gc; Dockrell, Hm; Lacerda, Em
How narrative structure changes in the stories written by Italian children of primary school 2012 Longobardi, Emiddia; Renna, Marialuisa; Spataro, Pietro
How Nature-Based Solutions can Contribute to Enhance Circularity in Cities 2022 Rocío, Pineda-Martos; Andreucci, M. B.; Nataša, Atanasova; Gösta F. M., Baganz; Cristina S. C., Calheiros; Joana A. C., Castellar; Maja B., Ɖolić; Darja, Istenić; Antonia María Lorenzo, López; Ana Rita L., Ribeiro and Guenter Langergraber
How neurophysiological measures can be used to enhance the evaluation of remote tower solutions 2019 Arico, P.; Reynal, M.; Di Flumeri, G.; Borghini, G.; Sciaraffa, N.; Imbert, J. -P.; Hurter, C.; Terenzi, M.; Ferreira, A.; Pozzi, S.; Betti, V.; Marucci, M.; Telea, A. C.; Babiloni, F.
How new imaging techniques can aid in defining the cardiovascular profile of the high-risk patient 2012 S., Bosi; A., Barbieri; M., Baldelli; S., Censi; M., Naldi; A., Squeri; C., Morozzi; Stefanutti, Claudia
How new knowledge about parenting reveals the neurobiological implications of intersubjectivity: A conceptual synthesis of recent research 2009 Ammaniti, Massimo; Trentini, Cristina
How new technologies could impact on radiology diagnosis and assessment of pancreatic lesions: future perspectives 2018 Laghi, Andrea; Zerunian, Marta; Caruso, Damiano
How news may affect markets' complex structure: The case of Cambridge Analytica 2018 Peruzzi, A.; Zollo, F.; Quattrociocchi, W.; Scala, A.
How not to be seen in the cloud: A progressive privacy solution for desktop-as-a-service 2012 Lamanna, D. Davide; Lodi, Giorgia; Baldoni, Roberto
Mostrati risultati da 172.787 a 172.806 di 452.316
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