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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Foundations of Power and Conflicts of Authority in Late-antique Monasticism: Proceedings of the International Seminar Turin, December 2-4, 2004 2007 Camplani, Alberto; Giovanni, Filoramo
Foundations of relational artifacts verification 2011 Babak Bagheri, Hariri; Diego, Calvanese; DE GIACOMO, Giuseppe; DE MASELLIS, Riccardo; Felli, Paolo
Foundations of system thinking: the structure-system paradigm 2011 Barile, Sergio; Saviano, Marialuisa
Foundations of the situation calculus 1998 Hector, Levesque; PIRRI ARDIZZONE, Maria Fiora; Raymond, Reiter
Foundations: constructive system, problems, causes and solutions. Soil moisture 2023 Bellanca, Calogero
Founder and recurrent CDH1 mutations in families with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer 2007 Pardeep, Kaurah; Andree, Macmillan; Niki, Boyd; Janine, Senz; Alessandro De, Luca; Nicki, Chun; Gianpaolo, Suriano; Sonya, Zaor; Lori Van, Manen; Cathy, Gilpin; Sarah, Nikkel; Mary Connolly, Wilson; Scott, Weissman; Wendy S., Rubinstein; Courtney, Sebold; Robert, Greenstein; Jennifer, Stroop; Dwight, Yim; Benoit, Panzini; Wendy, Mckinnon; Marc, Greenblatt; Debrah, Wirtzfeld; Daniel, Fontaine; Daniel, Coit; Sam, Yoon; Daniel, Chung; Gregory, Lauwers; Pizzuti, Antonio; Carlos, Vaccaro; Maria Ana, Redal; Carla, Oliveira; Marc, Tischkowitz; Sylviane, Olschwang; Steven, Gallinger; Henry, Lynch; Jane, Green; James, Ford; Paul, Pharoah; Bridget, Fernandez; David, Huntsman
Founder Effects for ATM Gene Mutations in Italian Ataxia Telangiectasia Families 2009 Chessa, Luciana; Piane, Maria; Monia, Magliozzi; Isabella, Torrente; Camilla, Savio; Lulli, Patrizia; Alessandro De, Luca; Bruno, Dallapiccola
Founder mutations account for the majority of BRCA1-attributable hereditary breast/ovarian cancer cases in a population from Tuscany, Central Italy 2009 Laura, Papi; Anna Laura, Putignano; Caterina, Congregati; Ines, Zanna; Francesco, Sera; Doralba, Morrone; Mario, Falchetti; Marco Rosselli Del, Turco; Ottini, Laura; Domenico, Palli; Maurizio, Genuardi
Founder-Involvement in R&D and SMEs Performance 2022 Vagnani, Gianluca; Proietti, Luca
Founder-Involvement in R&D and SMEs Performance: An expanded mediated-moderated framework 2023 Vagnani, Gianluca; Proietti, Luca
Founding Editor e Membro del Editorial Board della rivista Chemistry Central Journal (IF= 3.28) 2008 Conti, Marcelo Enrique
‘Founding Fathers vs. Rotten Kids: a positive approach to constitutional politics’ 2000 Galeotti, Gianluigi
The Founding Mothers of Europe. The Role of Simone Veil and Sofia Corradi in Defence of the European Values 2019 DI NONNO, MARIA PIA
Founding mothers of Jewish communities: Geographically separated Jewish groups were independently founded by very few female ancestors 2002 Thomas, Mg; M. E., Weale; A. L., Jones; M., Richards; A., Smith; N., Redhead; A., Torroni; Scozzari, Rosaria; F., Gratrix; A., Tarekegn; J. F., Wilson; C., Capelli; N., Bradman; D. B., Goldstein
A fountain of positive bubbles on a Coron's problem for a competitive weakly coupled gradient system 2020 Pistoia, A.; Soave, N.; Tavares, H.
Four Arabidopsis berberine-bridge enzyme-like proteins are specific oxidases that inactivate the elicitor-active oligogalacturonides 2018 Benedetti, Manuel; VERRASCINA, ILARIA; Pontiggia, Daniela; LOCCI, FEDERICA; Mattei, Benedetta; De Lorenzo, Giulia; Cervone, Felice
Four broad fenestrated axes in the British Museum: some considerations on a symbolic weapon between the 3rd and the 2nd millennium BC 2021 Montanari, Daria
Four Byzantine Novels. Theodore Prodromos, Rhodante and Dosikles, Eumathios Makrembolites, Hysmine and Hysminias, Constantine Manasses, Arìstandros and Kallithea, Niketas Eugenianos, Drosilla and Charikles. Translated with introductions and notes by Elizabeth Jeffreys. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool 2012. ISBN 978-1-84631-825-2. 2013 RIZZO NERVO, Francesca
Four cases of sodium nitrite suicidal ingestion. A new trend and a relevant forensic pathology and toxicology challenge 2022 Bugelli, V.; Tarozzi, I.; Manetti, ALICE CHIARA; Stefanelli, F.; Di Paolo, M.; Chericoni, S.
Mostrati risultati da 152.286 a 152.305 di 458.314
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