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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Counting processes with Bernštein intertimes and random jumps 2015 Orsingher, Enzo; Toaldo, Bruno
Counting the bodies: estimating the numbers and spatial variation of Australian reptiles, birds and mammals killed by two invasive mesopredators 2022 Alyson, M Stobo‐Wilson; Brett, P Murphy; Sarah, M Legge; Hernan, Caceres‐escobar; David, G Chapple; Heather, M Crawford; Stuart, J Dawson; Chris, R Dickman; Tim, S Doherty; Patricia, A Fleming; Stephen, T Garnett; Matthew, Gentle; Thomas, M Newsome; Russell, Palmer; Matthew, W Rees; Euan, G Ritchie; James, Speed; John‐michael, Stuart; Andrés, F Suarez‐Castro; Eilysh, Thompson; Ayesha, Tulloch; Jeff, M Turpin; John CZ Woinarski,
Counting the finds, measuring the properties of soil: Archaeological diagnostics in the suburbium of a Roman town 2017 Corsi, Cristina; Laracca, Marco; Meyer, Cornelius
Counting the number of homonyms in dynamic networks 2013 DI LUNA, GIUSEPPE ANTONIO; Baldoni, Roberto; Bonomi, Silvia; Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis
Counting tools from the EB I-III Southern Levant: New Evidences and Future Perspectives 2019 Cecconi, Gaia
Counting triangles in data streams 2006 Luciana S., Buriol; Gereon, Frahling; Leonardi, Stefano; MARCHETTI SPACCAMELA, Alberto; Christian, Sohler
Counting valence quarks at RHIC and LHC 2007 Maiani, Luciano; Polosa, ANTONIO DAVIDE; V., Riquer; C. A., Salgado
Country policies overview: Italy 2007 Deriu, Fiorenza; P., Naticchioni; S., Muzi
Country report on ESF measures enhancing the labour market and social inclusion of migrants and minorities in Italy. Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services. Country report for the European Commission. Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities. DG EMPL Evaluation and Impact Assessment Unit. 2010 Kosic, Ankica
Country risk: ECAIs rating and measurement framework 2012 Porretta, Pasqualina; Santoboni, Fabrizio; G. A., Vento
Country Risk: ECAIS’ Rating and Measurement Framework 2012 Porretta, Pasqualina; Santoboni, Fabrizio; G. A., Vento
Country Risk: Measurement Approaches and ECAIs Rating 2013 Porretta, Pasqualina; G. A., Vento; Santoboni, Fabrizio
A Country without Nouvelle Vague? Some reflection about modern Film in Italy 2011 Morreale, Emiliano
Country, school and students factors associated with extreme levels of science literacy across 25 countries 2015 Alivernini, F.; Manganelli, S.
Country-based patterns of total species richness, endemicity, and threatened species richness in African rodents and insectivores 2011 Amori, Giovanni; Chiozza, Federica; Rondinini, Carlo; Luca, Luiselli
Country-level and individual-level predictors of men's support for gender equality in 42 countries 2020 Kosakowska-Berezecka, N.; Besta, T.; Bosson, J. K.; Jurek, P.; Vandello, J. A.; Best, D. L.; Wlodarczyk, A.; Safdar, S.; Zawisza, M.; Zadkowska, M.; Sobiecki, J.; Agyemang, C. B.; Akbas, G.; Ammirati, S.; Anderson, J.; Anjum, G.; Aruta, J. J. B. R.; Ashraf, M.; Bakaityte, A.; Bi, C.; Becker, M.; Bender, M.; Berxulli, D.; Bosak, J.; Daalmans, S.; Dandy, J.; de Lemus, S.; Dvorianchikov, N.; Etchezahar, E.; Froehlich, L.; Gavreliuc, A.; Gavreliuc, D.; Gomez, A.; Greijdanus, H.; Grigoryan, A.; Hale, M. -L.; Hamer, H.; Hoorens, V.; Hutchings, P. B.; Jensen, D. H.; Kelmendi, K.; Khachatryan, N.; Kinahan, M.; Kozlowski, D.; Lauri, M. A.; Li, J.; Maitner, A. T.; Makashvili, A.; Mancini, T.; Martiny, S. E.; Dordevic, J. M.; Moreno-Bella, E.; Moscatelli, S.; Bryan Moynihan, A.; Muller, D.; Ochoa, D.; Adebayo, S. O.; Pacilli, M. G.; Palacio, J.; Patnaik, S.; Pavlopoulos, V.; Piterova, I.; Puzio, A.; Pyrkosz-Pacyna, J.; Renteria-Perez, E.; Rousseaux, T.; Sainz, M.; Salvati, M.; Samekin, A.; Garcia-Sanchez, E.; Schindler, S.; Sherbaji, S.; Sobhie, R.; Sulejmanovic, D.; Sullivan, K. E.; Torre, B.; Torres, C. V.; Ungaretti, J.; Valshtein, T.; Van Laar, C.; van der Noll, J.; Vasiutynskyi, V.; Vohra, N.; Zapata-Calvente, A. L.; Zukauskiene, R.
Country-level correlates of e-cigarette use in the European Union 2016 LA TORRE, Giuseppe; Mipatrini, Daniele
Country-of-Origin - Una Rassegna Analitica dei Principali Lavori dal 1962 al 2008 2009 Giraldi, Angelo
Countryside The Future: Monumentale-Automatico 2021 Mucciolo, Laura
Countryside, a Report - Review 2021 Mucciolo, Laura
Mostrati risultati da 83.593 a 83.612 di 432.898
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