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The law on artificial insemination: an italian anomaly 2017 Cecchi, R.; Masotti, V.; Meo, A. U.; Rinaldi, R.
The assisted suicide of Italians in Switzerland and the silence of psychiatry 2018 Bersani, Giuseppe; Rinaldi, Raffaella; Iannitelli, Angela
Health in the 21st century: new rights come to the fore? 2018 Rinaldi, R.
Changes in impulse control disorder features in a present kleptomania patient and importance of rational treatment strategy on social dangerousness. a case report 2018 Urso, S.; Bersani, G.; Roma, Paolo; Rinaldi, Raffaella
Letter to the editor in response to “Medically-assisted procreation and the rise of off-center, new types of “parenthood”: It is incumbent upon lawmakers to intervene” 2019 Rinaldi, R.; Ciallella, C.
Adjustment disorders: medico-legal implications in the assessment of biological damage 2019 Rinaldi, Raffaella; Bersani, FRANCESCO SAVERIO; Cioffi, Andrea; Bersani, Giuseppe
Limitation of professional medical liability in case of emergency medical treatment according to the joint criminal divisions of the Supreme Court of Cassazione 2019 MONTANARI VERGALLO, GIANLUCA; GULINO, MATTEO; DI LUCA, ALESSANDRO; RINALDI, Raffaella
Decision making in mild cognitive impairment: medicolegal implications 2020 Rinaldi, Raffaella; Montanari Vergallo, Gianluca; Bersani, Giuseppe; Caradonna, Letizia
Mentalization impairment is associated with problematic alcohol use in a sample of young adults: a cross-sectional study 2020 Imperatori, Claudio; Corazza, Ornella; Panno, Angelo; Rinaldi, Raffaella; Pasquini, Massimo; Farina, Benedetto; Biondi, Massimo; Bersani, Francesco Saverio
Novel Psychoactive Substances in Custodial Settings: A Mixed Method Investigation on the Experiences of People in Prison and Professionals Working With Them 2020 Corazza, Ornella; Coloccini, Sara; Marrinan, Shanna; Vigar, Mike; Watkins, Caryl; Zene, Cosimo; Negri, Attilio; Aresti, Andreas; Darke, Sacha; Rinaldi, Raffaella; Metastasio, Antonio; Bersani, Giuseppe
Nootropics use in the workplace. Psychiatric and ethical aftermath towards the new frontier of bioengineering 2020 Zaami, S; Rinaldi, Raffaella; Bersani, G; Del Rio, A; Ciallella, C; Marinelli, E
Restraints and seclusion in psychiatry: striking a balance between protection and coercion. Critical overview of international regulations and rulings 2020 Zaami, S; Rinaldi, R; Bersani, G; Marinelli, E.
COVID-19 and abortion: the importance of guaranteeing a fundamental right 2020 Cioffi, Andrea; Cioffi, Fernanda; Rinaldi, Raffaella
CoViD-19 and psychiatry: can mental illness justify further exceptions to the obligation to stay at home? 2020 Montanari Vergallo, Gianluca; Bersani, Giuseppe; Rinaldi, Raffaella
COVID-19 and healthcare-associated infections 2020 Cioffi, Andrea; Rinaldi, Raffaella
Covid-19 and medical liability: a delicate balance 2020 Cioffi, Andrea; Rinaldi, Raffaella
Medico-legal and bioethical perspectives following the constitutional legitimacy of assisted suicide in Italy 2020 Cioffi, Andrea; Bersani, Giuseppe; Rinaldi, Raffaella
Childbirth Injuries: an issue fraught with risks from the health care and medicolegal perspectives 2020 Rinaldi, R.; Piersanti, V.; Consalvo, F.; Del Rio, A.
Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for patients with depression. Thought-provoking remarks 2020 Montanari Vergallo, G; Gulino, M; Bersani, G; Rinaldi, Raffaella
The Italian Supreme Court Joint Sections set forth the interpretative underpinnings of the "Gelli-Bianco" law: varying degrees of guilt aimed at limiting medical liability, article 2236 C.C. makes a comeback 2020 Rinaldi, R.
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 74
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