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Ethnic differences in urinary calcium and phosphate excretion between Gambian and British older adults 2015 Redmond, J; Palla, L; Yan, L; Jarjou, L; Prentice, A; Schoenmakers, I
Statistics and genetics between Italy and Britain in the 20th century: an interview with A. W. F. Edwards 2015 Palla, L
A fast method that uses polygenic scores to estimate the variance explained by genome-wide marker panels and the proportion of variants affecting a trait 2015 Palla, L; Dudbridge, F
Cardiac toxicity from metal hip implants 2017 Berber, R; Abdel-Gadir, A; Palla, L; Moon, J; Manisty, C; Skinner, J; Hart, A
Assessing for cardiotoxicity from metal-on-metal hip implants with advanced multimodality imaging techniques 2017 Berber, R; Abdel-Gadir, A; Rosmini, S; Captur, G; Nordin, S; Culotta, V; Palla, L; Kellman, P; Lloyd, Gw; Skinner, Ja; Moon, Jc; Manisty, C; Hart, Aj
Weight status is related with gender and sleep duration but not with dietary habits and physical activity in primary school Italian children 2017 Rosi, Alice; Calestani, MARIA VITTORIA; Parrino, Liborio; Milioli, Giulia; Palla, Luigi; Volta, Elio; Brighenti, Furio; Scazzina, Francesca
An investigation of the association between foods consumed and time-of-day in UK adolescents using the NDNS Rolling Programme (2008–2012) 2017 Palla, L; Chapman, An; Johnston, Jd; Almoosawi, S
Investigating the relationship between foods consumed and eating location for UK adolescents using the NDNS 2017 Chapman, An; Almiron-Roig, E; Pot, Gk; Palla, L
Breakfast consumption and nutrient intakes in 4–18-year-olds. UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme (2008–2012) 2017 Coulthard, Jd; Palla, L; Pot, Gk
Application of correspondence analysis to graphically investigate associations between foods and eating locations 2017 Chapman, An; Beh, Ej; Palla, L
Investigating eating time patterns in UK adults from The 2008–2012 National Diet and Nutrition Survey 2018 Mansukhani, R; Palla, L
Does genetic risk of obesity modify associations between the neighbourhood environment and body-mass index? A cross-sectional analysis of the UK Biobank dataset 2018 Mason, K; Palla, L; Pearce, N; Phelan, J; Cummins, S
Long sleep duration and social jetlag are associated inversely with a healthy dietary pattern in adults: results from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme 2008-2012 2018 Almoosawi, S; Palla, L; Walshe, I; Vingeliene, S; Ellis, J
Identification of Selective Sweeps Through Deep Learning in Whole Genome Sequenced Malaria Parasites 2019 Deelder, W; Benavente, Ed; Phelan, J; Campino, S; Palla, L; Clark, Tg
Day-time patterns of carbohydrate intake in adults by non-parametric multi-level latent class analysis. Results from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey (2008/09–2015/16) 2019 Wang, C; Almoosawi, S; Palla, L
The day-time patterns of carbohydrate intake in the UK adults – results from the NDNS RP (2008-16) 2019 Wang, C; Almoosawi, S; Palla, L
Chronotype. Implications for epidemiologic studies on chrono-nutrition and cardiometabolic health 2019 Almoosawi, S; Vingeliene, S; Gachon, F; Voortman, T; Palla, L; Johnston, Jd; Van Dam, Rm; Darimont, C; Karagounis, Lg
Diurnal patterns of energy intake derived via principal component analysis and their relationship with adiposity measures in adolescents. Results from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey RP (2008–2012) 2019 Palla, L; Almoosawi, S
A logistic regression analysis of risk factors in ME/CFS pathogenesis 2019 Lacerda, Em; Geraghty, K; Kingdon, C; Palla, L; Nacul, L
Machine learning predicts accurately mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance from whole genome sequencing data 2019 Deelder, W; Christakoudi, S; Phelan, J; Benavente, Ed; Campino, S; Mcnerney, R; Palla, L; Clark, Tg
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 62
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