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Emotional inertia at work: correlates of inflexible emotion dynamics in the workplace 2020 DE LONGIS, Evelina
Go greener, less risk: Access to nature is associated with lower risk taking in different domains during the COVID-19 lockdown 2021 Panno, A.; Theodorou, A.; Carbone, G. A.; De Longis, E.; Massullo, C.; Cepale, G.; Carrus, G.; Imperatori, C.; Sanesi, G.
Personal resources and organizational outcomes: sex as a moderator of the complex relationships between self-esteem, heart rate variability, and work-related exhaustion 2021 De Longis, E; Ottaviani, C; Alessandri, G.
Can Self-Concept Clarity Protect against A Pandemic? A Daily Study on Self-Concept Clarity and Negative Affect during the COVID-19 Outbreak 2021 Alessandri, G.; De Longis, E.; Golfieri, F.; Crocetti, E.
Emotional inertia emerges after prolonged states of exhaustion: Evidences from a measurement burst study 2021 Alessandri, G.; De Longis, E.; Cepale, G.
Associations between inertia of negative emotions and diurnal cortisol in a sample of college students 2021 Alessandri, G.; De Longis, E.; Doane, L. D.
Explaining Prosocial Behavior from the Inter-and Within-Individual Perspectives: A Role of Positive Orientation and Positive Affect 2022 Laguna, M.; De Longis, E.; Mazur-Socha, Z.; Alessandri, G.
Inertia of negative emotions at work: Correlates of inflexible emotion dynamics in the workplace 2022 De Longis, Evelina; Alessandri, Guido; Sonnentag, Sabine; Kuppens, Peter
Second-Order Growth Mixture Modeling in Organizational Psychology: An Application in the Study of Job Performance Using the Cusp Catastrophe Model In corso di stampa Alessandri, Guido; Perinelli, Enrico; DE LONGIS, Evelina; Theodorou, Annalisa
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 29 di 29
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