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Epidural cervical hematoma in a whiplash cervical Injury. A rare condition 2021 De Matteis, A.; Del Fante, Z.; Santoro, P.; Romano, S.; Dell’Aquila, M.
Traumatic internal carotid artery injuries: do we need a screening strategy? Literature review, case report, and forensic evaluation 2021 Maiese, Aniello; Frati, Paola; Manetti, Alice Chiara; De Matteis, Alessandra; Di Paolo, Marco; La Russa, Raffaele; Turillazzi, Emanuela; Frati, Alessandro; Fineschi, Vittorio
Estimation of the time of death: Where we are now? 2021 Dell'Aquila, M.; de Matteis, A.; Scatena, A.; Costantino, A.; Camporeale, M. C.; de Filippis, A.
Post-mortem diagnosis of sepsis. When it's too late 2021 Passaro, G.; Dell'Aquila, M.; de Filippis, A.; Baronti, A.; Costantino, A.; Iannaccone, F.; de Matteis, A.
Crossbow injuries: a case report with experimental reconstruction study and a systematic review of literature 2021 Maiese, A.; Santoro, P.; La Russa, R.; De Matteis, A.; Turillazzi, E.; Frati, P.; Fineschi, V.
Micrornas and sepsis-induced cardiac dysfunction: a systematic review 2021 Manetti, A. C.; Maiese, A.; Di Paolo, M.; De Matteis, A.; Russa, R. L.; Turillazzi, E.; Frati, P.; Fineschi, V.
Traumatic brain injury: estimate of the age of the injury based on neuroinflammation, endothelial activation markers and adhesion molecules 2021 dell'Aquila, Massimiliano; Maiese, Aniello; De Matteis, Alessandra; Viola, Rocco Valerio; Arcangeli, Mauro; La Russa, Raffaele; Fineschi, Vittorio
Comparative study between conventional and new methods in defining the cause of death from anaphylactic shock 2021 Costantino, A.; Mezzetti, E.; de Matteis, A.; Volonnino, G.; de Simone, S.; Fazio, V.
Future litigation after Covid-19 pandemic in Italy 2021 Maiese, A.; La Russa, R.; Santoro, P.; De Matteis, A.; Di Paolo, M. D.
Abuse and misuse of prescription opioids. Is it only an Ameri can problem? An observational study on an Italian casuistry 2022 Costantino, A.; Manetti, A. C.; Baronti, A.; Scatena, A.; Visi, G.; Mezzetti, E.; David, M. C.; De Matteis, A.; Maiese, A.
An overview on actual knowledge about immunohistochemical and molecular features of vitality, focusing on the growing evidence and analysis to distinguish between suicidal and simulated hanging 2022 Maiese, Aniello; Del Duca, Fabio; Santoro, Paola; Pellegrini, Lavinia; De Matteis, Alessandra; La Russa, Raffaele; Frati, Paola; Fineschi, Vittorio
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 31 di 31
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