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Small-Scale Cosmic Microwave Background Fluctuations as a Probe of the Mass of Dark Matter Particles 1-gen-1996 Doroshkevich, Andrei G.; Schneider, Raffaella
"Stochastic background of gravitational waves generated by a cosmological population of young, rapidly rotating neutron stars" 1-gen-1999 Ferrari, Valeria; S., Matarrese; Schneider, Raffaella
Gravitational Wave Background from a Cosmological Population of Core-Collapse Supernovae 1-gen-1999 Ferrari, Valeria; S., Matarrese; Schneider, Raffaella
"Stochastic background of gravitational waves from compact sources" 1-gen-2000 Ferrari, Valeria; Schneider, Raffaella; S., Matarrese
Gravitational Waves Signals from the Collapse of the First Stars 1-gen-2000 Schneider, Raffaella; A., Ferrara; B., Ciardi; Ferrari, Valeria; S., Matarrese
Stochastic backgrounds at LISA frequencies 1-gen-2001 Schneider, Raffaella
Gravitational waves from cosmological compact binaries 1-gen-2001 Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrari, Valeria; S., Matarrese; S. F., PORTEGIES ZWART
Gamma-ray bursts from the first stars: Neutrino signals 1-gen-2002 Schneider, Raffaella; Guetta, Dafne; Ferrara, Andrea
First stars, very massive black holes, and metals 1-gen-2002 Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, A.; Natarajan, P.; Omukai, K.
The detectability of the first stars and their cluster enrichment signatures 1-gen-2003 Scannapieco, Evan; Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, Andrea
Low-mass relics of early star formation 1-gen-2003 Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, A.; Salvaterra, R.; Omukai, K.; Bromm, V.
The Lyα forest around high-redshift galaxies 1-gen-2003 Bruscoli, M; Ferrara, A.; Marri, S.; Schneider, Raffaella; Maselli, A.; Rollinde, E.; Aracil, B.
A supernova origin for dust in a high-redshift quasar 1-gen-2004 Maiolino, R; Schneider, Raffaella; Oliva, E.; Bianchi, S.; Ferrara, A.; Mannucci, F.; Pedani, M.; Roca Sogorb, M.
Induced formation of primordial low-mass stars 1-gen-2004 Salvaterra, R; Ferrara, A.; Schneider, Raffaella
The proximity effect around high-redshift galaxies 1-gen-2004 Maselli, A; Ferrara, A.; Bruscoli, M.; Marri, S.; Schneider, Raffaella
Dust formation in very massive primordial supernovae 1-gen-2004 Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, A.; Salvaterra, R.
Early enrichment of quasars by the first stars 1-gen-2004 Venkatesan, A; Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, A.
Thermal and Fragmentation Properties of Star‐forming Clouds in Low‐Metallicity Environments 1-gen-2005 Omukai, K.; Tsuribe, T.; Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, A.
The spatial distribution of the Galactic first stars. I. High-resolution N-body approach 1-gen-2006 Scannapieco, Evan; Kawata, Daisuke; Brook, Chris B.; Schneider, Raffaella; Ferrara, Andrea; Gibson, Brad K.
Constraints on the initial mass function of the first stars 1-gen-2006 Schneider, Raffaella; Salvaterra, Ruben; Ferrara, Andrea; Ciardi, Benedetta
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 123
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