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Analysis of mitotic non- disjunction in A.nidulans 1-gen-1979 Morpurgo, Giorgio; Bellincampi, Daniela; Gualandi, G; Baldinelli, L; SERLUPI CRESCENZI, O.
MMS-induction of different types of genetic damage in Aspergillus nidulans: A comparative analysis in mutagenesis 1-gen-1979 Gualandi, G; Bellincampi, Daniela; Puppo, S.
Membrane-damaging agents cause mitotic non-disjunction in A.nidulans. 1-gen-1980 Bellincampi, Daniela; Gualandi, G; LA MONICA, E; Poley, C; Morpurgo, G.
Induced gene mutation and mitotic non-disjunction in A.nidulans. 1-gen-1981 Gualandi, G; Bellincampi, Daniela
Induction of the biosynthesis of aflatoxins in Aspergillus parasiticus by Cerulenin. 1-gen-1982 Fanelli, Corrado; Fabbri, Anna Adele; Finotti, E.; Bellincampi, D.; Gualandi, G.; Passi, S.
Cytogenetic observations in mouse secondary spermatocytes on numerical and structural chromosome aberrations induced by ciclophosphamide in various stages of spermatogenesis. 1-gen-1983 Pacchierotti, F; Bellincampi, Daniela; Civitareale, D.
High plating efficiency with plant cell cultures. 1-gen-1985 Bellincampi, Daniela; Baduri, N; Morpurgo, G.
A comparative study on selected chemical carcinogens for chromosome malsegregation, mitotic crossing-over and forward mutation induction in A.nidulans 1-gen-1986 Crebelli, R; Bellincampi, Daniela; Conti, G; Conti, L; Morpurgo, Giorgio; Carere, A.
Conditioning Factor affecting growth in plant cells in culture. 1-gen-1987 Bellincampi, Daniela; Morpurgo, Giorgio
Elicitation of phenylalanine ammonia lyase in Daucus carota L. by oligogalacturonides released from sodium polipectate by homogeneous polygalacturonase 1-gen-1987 DE LORENZO, Giulia; Ranucci, A; Bellincampi, Daniela; Salvi, Giovanni; Cervone, Felice
Stimulation of growth in Daucus carota L. cell cultures by Brassinosteroid. 1-gen-1988 Bellincampi, Daniela; Morpurgo, Giorgio
Induction and growth properties of carrot roots with different complements of Agrobacterium rhizogenes T-DNA 1-gen-1989 Capone, I.; Spanò, L.; Cardarelli, M.; Bellincampi, D.; Petit, A.; Costantino, Paolo
Evidence for the presence of a second conditioning factor in plant cell cultures. 1-gen-1989 Bellincampi, Daniela; Morpurgo, Giorgio
Induction and growth properties of carrot roots with different complements of Agrobacterium rizogenes T-DNA 1-gen-1989 Capone, I; Spano', L; Cardarelli, M; Bellincampi, Daniela; Petit, A.; Costantino, Paolo
Adaptative patterns of growth in A.nidulans 1-gen-1990 Babudri, Nora; Bellincampi, Daniela; Morpurgo, Giorgio
Apical dominance in A.nidulans. 1-gen-1990 Bellincampi, Daniela; Babudri, Nora; Morpurgo, Giorgio
Implication of phenotipic plasticity for numerical taxonomy of Ornitigalum montanum Cyr (Liliaceae). 1-gen-1991 Pigliucci, M; Politi, Mg; Bellincampi, Daniela
Stimulation of growth induced by Brassinosteroid and Conditioning Factors in plant cell cultures. 1-gen-1991 Bellincampi, Daniela; Morpurgo, Giorgio
Phytoalexin elicitor-active alpha-1,4-D-oligogalacturonides reduce auxin perception by plant cells and tissues 1-gen-1992 Filippini, F; LO SCHIAVO, F; Terzi, M; Branca, C; Bellincampi, Daniela; Salvi, Giovanni; Desiderio, A; DE LORENZO, Giulia; Cervone, Felice
The impact of homologous and heterologous nurse cells on the division capability of sparsely plated cells. 1-gen-1993 Bellincampi, Daniela; Morpurgo, R; Morpurgo, G.
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