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Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. Pathophysiologic relationships and guidelines for surgical intervention 1-gen-2016 Genser, Laurent; CASELLA MARIOLO, JAMES ROSSARIO; CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; Panagiotopoulos, Spyros; Rubino, Francesco
How to choose the best metabolic procedure? 1-gen-2016 CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; CASELLA MARIOLO, JAMES ROSSARIO; Geltrude, Mingrone
Lipidomic changes in skeletal muscle in patients after biliopancreatic diversion 1-gen-2017 Mehnert, Carola Sabine; Graessler, Juergen; Kamvissi-Lorenz, Virginia; Castagneto Gissey, Lidia; Casella Mariolo, James R.; Casella, Giovanni; Mingrone, Geltrude; Bornstein, Stefan R.
10-Year follow-up after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Outcomes in a monocentric series 1-gen-2018 CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; CASELLA MARIOLO, JAMES ROSSARIO; Genco, Alfredo; Alfonso, Troisi; Basso, Nicola; Casella, Giovanni
Intestinal peptide changes after bariatric and minimally invasive surgery: Relation to diabetes remission 1-gen-2018 Castagneto Gissey, L.; Casella Mariolo, J.; Mingrone, G.
Roles of gut hormones in the regulation of food intake and body weight 1-gen-2019 CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; CASELLA MARIOLO, JAMES ROSSARIO; Mingrone, Geltrude
Simulation of gastric bypass effects on glucose metabolism and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with the Sleeveballoon device 1-gen-2019 Casella-Mariolo, J.; Castagneto-Gissey, L.; Angelini, G.; Zoli, A.; Marini, P.; Bornstein, S. R.; Pournaras, D. J.; Rubino, F.; le Roux, C. W.; Mingrone, G.; Casella, G.
Obesity surgery and cancer. What are the unanswered questions? 1-gen-2020 CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; James, Casella-Mariolo; Casella, Giovanni; Mingrone, Geltrude
Duodenal-jejunal bypass improves nonalcoholic fatty liver disease independently of weight loss in rodents with diet-induced obesity 1-gen-2020 Angelini, Giulia; CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; James, Casella-Mariolo; Emiliana Caristo, Maria; Francesca Russo, Maria; Lembo, Erminia; Verrastro, Ornella; Stefanizzi, Gianluigi; Luigi Marini, Pier; Casella, Giovanni; R Bornstein, Stefan; Rubino, Francesco; Mingrone, Geltrude
Small intestinal metabolism is central to whole-body insulin resistance 1-gen-2021 Angelini, Giulia; Salinari, Serenella; Castagneto Gissey, Lidia; Bertuzzi, Alessandro; James, Casella-Mariolo; Ahlin, Sofie; Boskoski, Ivo; Gaggini, Melania; Raffaelli, Marco; Costamagna, Guido; Casella, Giovanni; Luigi Marini, Pier; Gastaldelli, Amalia; Bornstein, Stefan; Mingrone, Geltrude
Intracholecystic versus intravenous indocyanine green (ICG) injection for biliary anatomy evaluation by fluorescent cholangiography during laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a case–control study 1-gen-2022 CASTAGNETO GISSEY, Lidia; Russo, MARIA FRANCESCA; Iodice, Alessandra; James, Casella-Mariolo; Serao, Angelo; Picchetto, Andrea; D'Ambrosio, Giancarlo; Urciuoli, Irene; DE LUCA, Alessandro; Salvati, Bruno; Casella, Giovanni
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