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A novel protocol to evaluate ankle movements during reaching tasks using pediAnklebot 1-gen-2017 Martelli, Francesca; Palermo, Eduardo; Rossi, Stefano
A novel protocol for the evaluation of motor learning in 3d reching tasks using novint falcon 1-gen-2018 Scalona, E.; Martelli, F.; Del Prete, Z.; Palermo, E.; Rossi, S.
Submovement changes in goal-directed and non-goal-directed ankle movements using pediAnklebot 1-gen-2018 Martelli, Francesca; Elena, Bertini; DEL PRETE, Zaccaria; Palermo, Eduardo; Stefano, Rossi
Parkinson's disease and Levodopa effects on muscle synergies in postural perturbation 1-gen-2019 Mileti, I.; Zampogna, A; Taborri, J.; Martelli, F.; Rossi, S.; Del, Prete; Paoloni, M.; Suppa, A.; Palermo, E.
Quantifying age-related differences of ankle mechanical properties using a robotic device 1-gen-2019 Martelli, F.; Taborri, J.; Del Prete, Z.; Palermo, E.; Rossi, S.
Design of a new device to measure skeletal muscle engineered tissues' contractile force by using an optical tracking technique 1-gen-2019 Apa, L.; Martelli, F.; Rizzuto, E.; Del Prete, Z.
Optimal force evaluation for isotonic fatigue characterization in mouse Tibialis Anterior muscle 1-gen-2020 Forconi, F.; Martelli, F.; Pisu, S.; Musaro, A.; Rizzuto, E.; Del Prete, Z.
Early balance impairment in Parkinson's disease: evidence from robot-assisted axial rotations 1-gen-2021 Zampogna, A.; Mileti, I.; Martelli, F.; Paoloni, M.; Del Prete, Z.; Palermo, E.; Suppa, A.
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