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Imaging of leukocytic infiltration in human cerebral infarcts. 1-gen-1985 Pozzilli, Carlo; Lenzi, Gian Luigi; Argentino, C; Carolei, A; Rasura, Maurizia; Signore, A; Bozzao, Luigi; Pozzilli, P.
Study of diurnal variations of human lymphocyte subsets. 1-gen-1985 Signore, Alberto; Cugini, Pietro; Letizia, Claudio; Lucia, Piernatale; Murano, G.; Pozzilli, P.
Inhibition of the receptor for interleukin-2 induced by carbimazole: Relevance for the therapy of autoimmune thyroid disease 1-gen-1985 Signore, Alberto; Pozzilli, P; DI MARIO, Umberto; Sensi, M; Beales, P; Andreani, D.
Effect of unlabeled indium oxine and indium tropolone on the function of isolated human lymphocytes 1-gen-1985 Signore, Alberto; M., Sensi; Pozzilli, Carlo; M., Negri; Lenzi, Gian Luigi; P., Pozzilli
Class-II and IL 2 receptor positive cells in the pancreas of NOD mice 1-gen-1987 Signore, Alberto; A., Cooke; P., Pozzilli; G., Butcher; E., Simpson; P. C. L., Beverley
Detection of activated lymphocytes in endocrine pancreas of BB/W rats by injection of 123I-interleukin-2: An early sign of type 1 diabetes 1-gen-1987 Signore, Alberto; A., Parman; P., Pozzilli; D., Andreani; P. C. L., Beverley
The natural history of lymphocyte subsets infiltrating the pancreas of NOD mice 1-gen-1989 Signore, Alberto; Pozzilli, P.; Gale, E. A. M.; Andreani, D.; Beverley, P. C. L.
Interleukin 2 (Il2) production and Il2 receptor release in type I diabetes 1-gen-1989 Cavallo, Maria Gisella; Signore, A; Baroni, Marco Giorgio; Andreani, D; Pozzilli, P.
Lessons from the NOD mouse for the pathogenesis and immunotherapy of human Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus 1-gen-1989 Lampeter, E. F.; Signore, Alberto; Gale, E. A. M.; Pozzilli, P.
Effects of 125-I and 123-I on protein labelling 1-gen-1990 Chianelli, M; Signore, A; Tonnarini, Gian Franco; Ronga, G; Pozzilli, P; Negri, M.
Raised temperature reduces the incidence of diabetes in the NOD mouse 1-gen-1990 Williams, A. J. K.; Krug, J.; Lampeter, E. F.; Mansfield, K.; Beales, P. E.; Signore, Alberto; Gale, E. A. M.; Pozzilli, P.
Early in vivo diagnosis of type 1 diabetes using 123-I interleukin 2 1-gen-1990 Signore, A; Chianelli, M; Procaccini, E; Tonnarini, Gian Franco; Negri, M; Andreani, D.
In vivo labelling of activated T lymphocytes by i.v. injection of 123I-IL2 for detection of insulitis in type 1 diabetes. 1-gen-1990 Signore, Alberto; M., Chianelli; Ronga, Giuseppe; P., Pozzilli; P. C., Beverley
Can iodine-131 whole-body scan be replaced by thyroglobulin measurement in the post-surgical follow-up of differentiated thyroid carcinoma? 1-gen-1990 Ronga, Giuseppe; A., Fiorentino; E., Paserio; Signore, Alberto; V., Todino; M. A., Tummarello; M., Filesi; I., Baschieri
Clinical remission in patients with IDDM and family history of NIDDM. 1-gen-1991 P., Pozzilli; N., Visalli; Signore, Alberto; D., Andreani; A., Quatraro; A., Minei; R., Torella; A., Ceriello; D., Giugliano
HPLC purification of 123-I-labelled interleukin-2 with high specific activity for human studies 1-gen-1991 Chianelli, M; Signore, A; Toscano, A; Tonnarini, Gian Franco; Pozzilli, P; Negri, M; Cantarano, P.
Effecs of Tenidap®, a novel anti-inflammatory compound on islet lymphocytic infiltration and diabetes incidence in the non obese diabetic (NOD) mouse 1-gen-1992 P. E., Beales; A., Williams; J., Krug; Signore, Alberto; M., Chianelli; D., Andreani; P., Pozzilli
Recenti acquisti nell'etiopatogenesi del diabete insulino dipendente 1-gen-1992 Pozzilli, P; Signore, Alberto; Cavallo, Maria Gisella; Buzzetti, Raffaella; Andreani, Domenico
A radiopharmaceutical for imaging areas of lymphocytic infiltration: 123I-interleukin-2. Labelling procedure and animal studies 1-gen-1992 Signore, Alberto; M., Chianelli; A., Toscano; L., Monetini; Ronga, Giuseppe; C. C., Nimmon; K. E., Britton; P., Pozzilli; M., Negri
A simple method for the evaluation of receptor binding capacity of modified cytokines. 1-gen-1993 Chianelli, M; Signore, Alberto; Hicks, R; Testi, R; Negri, M; Beverley, P. C.
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