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Chronological age versus biological age of the cervical spine: a new evaluation scale 1-gen-2012 Pesce, A.; Wierzbicki, V.; Marrocco, L.; Piccione, E.; Caruso, Riccardo
Recurrent spinal epidural hematoma: Case report 1-gen-2013 Caruso, Riccardo; Venceslao, Wierzbicki; Luigi, Marrocco
How old is your cervical spine? Cervical spine biological age: a new evaluation scale 1-gen-2014 Wierzbicki, V.; A., Pesce; L., Marrocco; E., Piccione; Colonnese, Claudio; Caruso, Riccardo
Anterior approach to the cervical spine for treatment of spondylosis or disc herniation: Long-term results. Comparison between ACD, ACDF, TDR 1-gen-2014 Caruso, Riccardo; Pesce, A.; Marrocco, L.; Wierzbicki, V.
A poorly known cerebrospinal fluid shunt complication: Miyazaki syndrome 1-gen-2015 Caruso, Riccardo; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Marrocco, Luigi; Pesce, Alessandro; Piccione, Emanuele
Brain abscess after percutaneous therapy for trigeminal neuralgia 1-gen-2015 Acqui, Michele; Familiari, Pietro; Pesce, Alessandro; Toccaceli, Giada; Raco, Antonino
Surgical Treatment of Spinal Meningiomas 1-gen-2016 Raco, Antonino; Pesce, Alessandro; Miscusi, Massimo
Gripping forceps “double action” for micro-neurosurgery 1-gen-2016 Wierzbicki, V.; Pesce, Alessandro; Caruso, Riccardo
Morgagni Spine Fractures-Dislocations per Anatomen Indagatis. Since the Dawn of Modern Medicine A Taxonomy and Pathomorphology Problem 1-gen-2016 Pesce, Alessandro; Frati, Alessandro; Caruso, Riccardo; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Raco, Antonino
Starling resistor and Miyazaki syndrome 1-gen-2016 Caruso, Riccardo; Pesce, Alessandro; Wierzbicki, Venceslao
Cerebellar hemisphere herniation in the neck: Case report of a very rare complication following a posterior fossa craniectomy 1-gen-2016 Caruso, Riccardo; Pesce, Alessandro; Piccione, Emanuele; Marrocco, Luigi; Wierzbicki, Venceslao
Preoperative volumetric assessment matched with high-field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging-guided stereotactic evacuation of brain abscesses 1-gen-2016 Pesce, Alessandro; D'Andrea, Giancarlo; Frati, Alessandro; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Caruso, Riccardo; Raco, Antonino
Ancient Schwannoma of the Cauda Equina: our experience and review of the literature 1-gen-2016 Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Pesce, Alessandro; Marrocco, Luigi; Piccione, Emanuele; Frati, Alessandro; Caruso, Riccardo
Surgical approach to the cavernous sinus for a trigeminal schwannoma resection: technical note and case report 1-gen-2016 Caruso, Riccardo; Pesce, Alessandro; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Marrocco, Luigi; Piccione, Emanuele
Primary Lymphomas of the Skull Base from a Neurosurgical Perspective. Review of the Literature and Personal Experience 1-gen-2017 Pesce, Alessandro; Acqui, Michele; Cimatti, Marco; Caruso, Riccardo; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Raco, Antonino
Motor outcomes after surgical resection of lesions involving the motor pathway. a prognostic evaluation scale 1-gen-2017 Raco, Antonino; Pesce, Alessandro; Fraschetti, Flavia; Frati, Alessandro; D'Andrea, Giancarlo; Cimatti, Marco; Acqui, Michele
Chondromyxoid fibroma of the skull base: our experience with an elusive disease 1-gen-2017 D'Andrea, Giancarlo; Pesce, Alessandro; Trasimeni, Guido; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Picotti, Veronica; Serraino, Alessandra; Caruso, Riccardo
Acute spinal epidural hematoma after Acupuncture. personal case and literature review 1-gen-2017 Domenicucci, Maurizio; Marruzzo, Daniele; Pesce, Alessandro; Raco, Antonino; Missori, Paolo
Adjacent segment pathology. natural history or effect of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion? A 10-year follow-up radiological multicenter study using an evaluation scale of the ageing spine 1-gen-2017 Pesce, Alessandro; Wierzbicki, Venceslao; Piccione, Emanuele; Frati, Alessandro; Raco, Antonino; Caruso, Riccardo
Hemispheric chronic subdural hematoma concealing subdural metastases: terrible surprise behind routine emergency department consultation 1-gen-2017 Caruso, Riccardo; Pesce, Alessandro; Martines, Valentina
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