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Fashion, Possibility and Individual Agency: Theoretical Perspectives 1-gen-2013 Almila, Anna Mari
Dress, Comfort and Vulnerability: The Intimate Hijab and Religious Habitus 1-gen-2014 Almila, Anna Mari
Women, Fashion, Power 1-gen-2015 Almila, Anna Mari
The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology 1-gen-2016 David, Inglis; Almila, Anna Mari
Actor Network Theory and Its Cultural Uses 1-gen-2016 Almila, Anna Mari
Cultural Sociology of Fashion: On the Sartorial, Symbolic and Social 1-gen-2016 Almila, Anna Mari
Fashion, Anti-Fashion, Non-Fashion and Symbolic Capital: The Uses of Dress among Muslim Minorities in Finland 1-gen-2016 Almila, Anna Mari
Veiling Studies and Globalization Studies 1-gen-2017 David, Inglis; Almila, Anna Mari
What is `Fashion' Really? The Promise of an Ecumenical Analytic for Fashion Studies and Beyond in a Globalized World 1-gen-2017 Almila, Anna Mari; David, Inglis
Introduction: The Veil across the Globe in Politics, Everyday Life, and Fashion 1-gen-2017 Almila, Anna Mari
Veiling, Gender and Space: On the fluidity of ‘public’ and ‘private’ 1-gen-2017 Almila, Anna Mari
The Routledge International Handbook to Veils and Veiling Practices 1-gen-2017 Almila, Anna Mari; David, Inglis
The Dressed Body, Material and Technology: Rethinking the Hijab through Sartorial Sociology 1-gen-2018 Almila, Anna Mari
`It's play, really, isn't it?' Dress, creativity, old age 1-gen-2018 Hannah, Zeilig; Almila, Anna Mari
On the Hijab-Gift: Gift-Theoretical Considerations on the Ambivalences of Islamic Veiling in a Diasporic Context 1-gen-2018 Almila, Anna Mari; David, Inglis; X,
Veiling in Fashion: Space and the Hijab in Minority Communities 1-gen-2018 Almila, Anna Mari
Fashion/Religion Interfaces 1-gen-2019 Almila, Anna Mari
Wine, Women and Globalization: The Case of Female Sommeliers 1-gen-2019 Almila, Anna Mari
From protestant peasant dress to gay pride t-shirt: transformations in sartorial strategy amongst the körtti movement in Finland 1-gen-2019 Almila, Anna Mari
A tale of two centuries: The körtti movement and dress in battles over Finnish politics and identities 1-gen-2019 Almila, Anna Mari
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 30
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