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Empirical analysis of heat transfer and friction factor of water/graphene oxide nanofluid flow in turbulent regime through an isothermal pipe 1-gen-2017 Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Karimipour, A.; Afrand, M.; Isfahani, A. H. M.; Shirneshan, A.
An experimental study on heat transfer and pressure drop of water/graphene oxide nanofluid in a copper tube under air cross-flow: Applicable as a heat exchanger 1-gen-2017 Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Meghdadi Isfahani, A. H.; Afrand, M.; Karimipour, A.; Hojaji, M.
Effects of graphene oxide‑silicon oxide hybrid nanomaterials on rheological behavior of water at various time durations and temperatures: Synthesis, preparation and stability 1-gen-2018 Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Akhgar, A.; Musivand, S.; Afrand, M.
A new experimental correlation for non-Newtonian behavior of COOH-DWCNTs/antifreeze nanofluid 1-gen-2018 Izadi, F.; Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Kalbasi, R.; Afrand, M.
Experimental investigation of heat transfer and friction coefficient of the water/graphene oxide nanofluid in a pipe containing twisted tape inserts under air cross-flow 1-gen-2018 Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Meghdadi Isfahani, A. H.; Hojaji, M.
Entropy generation of boehmite alumina nanofluid flow through a minichannel heat exchanger considering nanoparticle shape effect 1-gen-2019 Al-Rashed, A. A. A. A.; Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Aghakhani, S.; Soltanimehr, M.; Afrand, M.; Nguyen, T. K.
Hybrid GMDH-type neural network to predict fluid surface tension, shear stress, dynamic viscosity & sensitivity analysis based on empirical data of iron(II) oxide nanoparticles in light crude oil mixture 1-gen-2019 Jiang, Y.; Sulgani, M. T.; Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Karimipour, A.; Nguyen, T. K.
An experimental study on stability and thermal conductivity of water/silica nanofluid: Eco-friendly production of nanoparticles 1-gen-2019 Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Moradikazerouni, A.; Bakhtiari, R.; Asadi, A.; Afrand, M.
Effects of cobalt ferrite coated with silica nanocomposite on the thermal conductivity of an antifreeze: New nanofluid for refrigeration condensers 1-gen-2019 Safaei, M. R.; Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Hajizadeh, A.; Bahiraei, M.; Afrand, M.; Karimipour, A.
Numerical investigation on the effect of four constant temperature pipes on natural cooling of electronic heat sink by nanofluids: A multifunctional optimization 1-gen-2020 Alsarraf, J.; Shahsavar, A.; Khaki, M.; Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Karimipour, A.; Afrand, M.
Synthesis and characterization of additive graphene oxide nanoparticles dispersed in water: Experimental and theoretical viscosity prediction of non-Newtonian nanofluid 1-gen-2020 Xu, Y.; Nguyen, Q.; Malekahmadi, O.; Hadi, R.; Jokar, Z.; Mardani, A.; Karimipour, A.; Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Li, Z.; Bach, Q. -V.
Experimental study of thermal properties and dynamic viscosity of graphene oxide/oil nano-lubricant 1-gen-2021 Ranjbarzadeh, R.; Chaabane, R.
Convection inside nanofluid cavity with mixed partially boundary conditions 1-gen-2021 Chaabane, Raoudha; D'Orazio, Annunziata; Jemni, Abdelmajid; Karimipour, Arash; Ranjbarzadeh, Ramin
Improve the heat exchanger efficiency via examine the Graphene Oxide nanoparticles. A comprehensive study of the preparation and stability, predict the thermal conductivity and rheological properties, convection heat transfer and pressure drop 1-gen-2022 Ranjbarzadeh, Ramin; Akhgar, Alireza; Taherialekouhi, Roozbeh; D’Orazio, Annunziata; Sajadi, S. Mohammad; Ghaemi, Ferial; Baleanu, Dumitru
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