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Role of the flat-designed surface in improving the cyclic fatigue resistance of endodontic NiTi rotary instruments 1-gen-2019 Gambarini, G.; Miccoli, G.; Seracchiani, M.; Khrenova, Tatyana; Donfrancesco, Orlando; D'Angelo, M.; Galli, M.; Di Nardo, D.; Testarelli, L.
Mechanism of fracture of nickel–titanium rotary instruments 1-gen-2020 Testarelli, L.; Zanza, A.; Mazzoni, A.; D'Angelo, M.; Bhandi, S.; Gambarini, G.
Potential of Operative Torque in Evaluating NiTi Instruments 1-gen-2020 Gambarini, Gianluca; Di Nardo, Dario; D'Angelo, Maurilio; Morese, Antonio; Seracchiani, Marco; Testarelli, Luca
Peri-implant marginal bone changes and soft tissue conditions around single implants with laser-microgrooved collar placed in regenerated extraction sockets and in native bone: 2-year results of RCT 1-gen-2020 Renzo, G.; Di Nardo, D.; D'Angelo, M.; Seracchiani, M.; Miccoli, G.; Testarelli, L.
Fatigue resistance of two Nickel-Titanium rotary instruments before and after ex vivo root canal treatment 1-gen-2020 Miccoli, G.; Seracchiani, M.; Del Giudice, A.; Mazzoni, A.; D'Angelo, M.; Bhandi, S.; Gambarini, G.; Testarelli, L.
Changes of radiographic trabecular bone density and peri-implant marginal bone vertical dimensions around non-submerged dental implants with a laser-microtextured collar after 5 years of functional loading 1-gen-2020 Guarnieri, R.; Miccoli, G.; Seracchiani, M.; D'angelo, M.; Di Nardo, D.; Testarelli, L.
Influence of different cross-section on cyclic fatigue resistance of two nickel-titanium rotary instruments with same heat treatment: An in vitro study 1-gen-2020 Di Nardo, D.; Gambarini, G.; Seracchiani, M.; Mazzoni, A.; Zanza, A.; Giudice, A.; D'Angelo, M.; Testarelli, L.
Effect of a laser-ablated micron-scale modification of dental implant collar surface on changes in the vertical and fractal dimensions of peri-implant trabecular bone 1-gen-2020 Guarnieri, R.; Miccoli, G.; Di Nardo, D.; D'Angelo, M.; Morese, A.; Seracchiani, M.; Testarelli, L.
Future trends in endodontics: from the virtual assessment of the anatomy to the computer-driven approach 1-gen-2020 Gambarini, Gianluca; Seracchiani, Marco; D'Angelo, Maurilio; Reda, Rodolfo; Testarelli, Luca
The relevance of operative torque and torsional resistance of nickel-titanium rotary instruments: A preliminary clinical investigation 1-gen-2020 Gambarini, G.; Miccoli, G.; D'Angelo, M.; Seracchiani, M.; Valenti Obino, F.; Reda, R.; Testarelli, L.
In silico novel drug design targeting the oral microbiome: endodontic and periodontal pathogenic bacteria 1-gen-2021 D'Angelo, M.; Zanza, A.; Testarelli, L.; Valenti Obino, F.; Cicconetti, A.
An update on nickel-titanium rotary instruments in endodontics: mechanical characteristics, testing and future perspective—An overview 1-gen-2021 Zanza, A.; D'Angelo, M.; Reda, R.; Gambarini, G.; Testarelli, L.; Di Nardo, D.
Modern approaches and innovations on methods and imaging protocols of the maxillofacial district 1-gen-2022 Reda, R.; D'Angelo, M.; Zanza, A.; Di Nardo, D.; Testarelli, L.
Correlation between peri-implant marginal bone loss progression and peri-implant sulcular fluid levels of Metalloproteinase-8 1-gen-2022 Guarnieri, R.; Zanza, A.; D'Angelo, M.; Di Nardo, D.; Del Giudice, A.; Mazzoni, A.; Reda, R.; Testarelli, L.
Mechanical performance and metallurgical characteristics of 5 different single-file reciprocating instruments: a comparative in vitro and laboratory study 1-gen-2022 Seracchiani, M.; Reda, R.; Zanza, A.; D'Angelo, M.; Russo, P.; Testarelli, L.
Innovations in diagnostic imaging in oral and maxillofacial diseases 1-gen-2022 D'Angelo, M.; Zanza, A.; Di Nardo, D.; Testarelli, L.
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