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Public subsidies for credit support, democracy and European female-led SMEs 2023 Bonanno, Graziella; Fiorino, Nadia; Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Rossi, Stefania Patrizia Sonia
The local press as an external public governance power 2023 De Giovanni, Livia; D'Urso, Pierpaolo; Fiorino, Nadia; Galli, Emma; Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Pacifico, Antonio
Governance as a spectrum of rules: a suggested approach 2022 Galli, Emma; Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Marciano, Alain
Rights redistribution and COVID-19 lockdown policy 2022 Garzarelli, G.; Keeton, L.; Sitoe, A. A.
Trade-offs in policy centralisation and decentralisation - broadly contemplated in times of crisis 2021 Garzarelli, Giampaolo
From Goods to Orders and Rules of Governance: A Preliminary Exploration 2020 Galli, Emma; Garzarelli, Giampaolo
The Political Red Queen 2020 Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Galli, Emma
Public guarantee schemes, corruption and gender. A European SME-level analysis 2020 Bonanno, Graziella; Fiorino, Nadia; Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Patrizia Sonia Rossi, Stefania
The Second-Generation Theory of fiscal federalism: a research lesson from the classroom 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo
Riflessioni organizzative sul coordinamento della blockchain aperta 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Gianfreda, Giuseppina
Populism as Composite Ideology 2019 Galli, E.; Garzarelli, G.
Research in the history of economic thought and methodology. Including a symposium on Ludwig Lachmann guest edited by Giampaolo Garzarelli 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo
The roots of the symposium on the legacy of Ludwig M. Lachmann 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo
An introduction to expert failure: lessons in socioeconomic epistemics from a deeply embedded method of analysis 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Infantino, Lorenzo
Physical capital, total factor productivity, and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Rim LImam, Yasmina
Reminiscences of Ludwig M. Lachmann 2019 Fransman, Martin; Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Lewin, Peter; Runde, Jochen; Torr, Christopher
Cyclical fluctuations and the structure of production 2019 Garzarelli, Giampaolo; Lewin, Peter; Tulloh, Bill
Output Growth Decomposition in the Presence of Input Quality Effects: A Stochastic Frontier Approach 2019 Rim Limam, Yasmina; Miller, Stephen M.; Garzarelli, Giampaolo
Internal organization in a public theory of the firm: toward a Coase-Oates federalism nexus 2018 Garzarelli, Giampaolo
The past and future of the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 2018 Galli, Emma; Garzarelli, Giampaolo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 61
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