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Analysis of gait features variation pre and post SEML surgery in CP by means of GPS and MAP 2016 Ancillao, Andrea; van der Krogt, M; Buizer, A; Witbreuk, M; Cappa, Paolo; Harlaar, J.
Assessment of the effects of carbon fiber and bionic foot during overground and treadmill walking in transtibial amputees 2013 Delussu Anna, Sofia; Brunelli, Stefano; Paradisi, Francesco; Iosa, M; Pellegrini, Roberto; Zenardi, Daniele; Traballesi, Marco
Can overestimation of walking ability increase the risk of falls in people in the subacute stage after stroke on their return home? 2014 Morone, G.; Iosa, M; Pratesi, L.; Paolucci, S.
Compensation to whole body active rotation perturbation 2014 Rossi, Stefano; S., Gazzellini; Petrarca, Maurizio; F., Patane; I., Saifa; E., Castelli; Cappa, Paolo
Control of the upper body movements during level walking in patients with facioscapulohumeral dystrophy 2010 Iosa, M; Mazzà, C; Pecoraro, F; Aprile, I; Ricci, E; Cappozzo, A.
Development of a novel wearable system for real-time measurement of the inter-foot distance during gait 2017 Bertuletti, Stefano; Cereatti, Andrea; Della Croce, Ugo
Effect of changing visual condition and frequency of horizontal oscillations on postural balance of standing healthy subjects 2008 Cappa, Paolo; Patane', Fabrizio; Rossi, Stefano; Petrarca, Maurizio; Enrico, Castelli; Alain, Berthoz
Evaluation of shoulder movements in reaching task of hemiplegic children. Preliminary data analysis 2004 Petrarca, Maurizio; G., DI ROSA; M. M., Pierro; Patane', Fabrizio; Cappa, Paolo
Evaluation of the upper limb motor performance of healthy and pathological children by means of a robotic device and an optoelectronic system 2011 Germanotta, Marco; Rossi, Stefano; M., Petrarca; E., Castelli; Cappa, Paolo
Evaluation of vertical forces applied to the end-effector of a planar robot during a rehabilitation session: A case study 2011 Germanotta, Marco; M., Petrarca; Rossi, Stefano; Cappa, Paolo; E., Castelli
Experimental protocol for the study of upper limb kinetics in robot rehabilitation 2012 A., Pacilli; Germanotta, Marco; S., Rossi; M., Petrarca; P., Cappa
EXPERIMENTAL VALIDATION OF A SENSOR TO SEGMENT CALIBRATION PROCEDURE FOR MIMU BASED GAIT ANALYSIS 2012 Palermo, Eduardo; Rossi, Stefano; Patane', Fabrizio; Maurizio, Petrarca; Enrico, Castelli; Cappa, Paolo
Feasibility of a functional procedure, operator independent, for wearable inertial measurement units in gait analysis 2009 Cappa, Paolo; Palermo, Eduardo; Patane', Fabrizio; Rossi, Stefano; Petrarca, M; Castelli, E.
Gender differences in the control of the upper body accelerations during level walking 2008 Mazzà, C; Iosa, M; Picerno, P; Cappozzo, A
Harmonic ratio is the most responsive trunk-acceleration derived gait index to rehabilitation in people with Parkinson's disease at moderate disease stages 2022 Castiglia, STEFANO FILIPPO; Trabassi, Dante; De Icco, Roberto; Tatarelli, Antonella; Avenali, Micol; Corrado, Michele; Grillo, Valentina; Coppola, Gianluca; Denaro, Alessandro; Tassorelli, Cristina; Serrao, Mariano
Head behaviour during whole body turn in presence of perturbation of the supporting platform 2008 Petrarca, M; Rossi, Stefano; Luigi, C; Patane', Fabrizio; Cappa, Paolo
Head stabilization and body coordination induced by horizontal oscillation 2008 Petrarca, M; Cappa, Paolo; Patane', Fabrizio; Rossi, Stefano; Colazza, A; Castelli, E; Berthoz, A.
Identification of multiple U-turns using IMUs: Comparative assessment of three methods 2016 Bertoli, Matilde; Cereatti, A.; Trojaniello, D.; DELLA CROCE, Ugo
The iFST: an instrumented version of the Fukuda Stepping Test for balance assessment 2018 Belluscio, V; Bergamini, E; Iosa, M; Tramontano, M; Morone, G; Vannozzi, G
Investigating the phenomenon of "cognitive-motor interference" in multiple sclerosis by means of dual-task posturography 2015 Prosperini, L.; Castelli, L.; Sellitto, G.; De Luca, F.; DE GIGLIO, L.; Gurreri, F.; Pozzilli, C.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 39
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