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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
3D Finite Element Analysis of a Percolating Cluster inside the Mineralized Collagen Fibril 2023 Pica, A.; Marinozzi, A.; Marinozzi, F.; Bini, F.
Assessment of Balance disorder and vestibular dysfunction using Mixed Reality 2023 Pascucci, S.; Margani, V.; Franzo, M.; Curcio, M.; Polsinelli, A.; Talamonti, R.; Barbara, M.; Marinozzi, F.; Bini, F.
Bioinformatics analyses to identify molecular gene signatures associated with breast cancer phenotypes 2023 Conte, F.; Fiscon, G.; Paci, P.
Harmonisation of medical devices classification systems: development of a generalised approach starting from hip prostheses. A first example of an international and standardised nomenclature to be integrated within the European Medical Device Nomenclature 2020 Franzo', Michela; Carrani, Eugenio; Asaro, Mauro; Caton, Edward; Tucker, Keith; Armstrong, Richard; Young, Elaine; Sampaolo, Letizia; Bini, Fabiano; Marinozzi, Franco; Torre, Marina
Influence of cartilage thickness on Human Femur Neck: a 3D Stress-Strain Analysis 2020 Pica, A.; Bini, F.; Marinozzi, A.; Marinozzi, F.
Key points to design the MDs Library of a National implant Registry: lesson learned from the Italian experience 2023 Pascucci, S.; Franzo, M.; Mari, V.; Biondi, A.; Ceccarelli, S.; Bini, F.; Marinozzi, F.; Ciminello, E.; Ciccarelli, P.; Laricchiuta, P.; Carrani, E.; Torre, M.
Near Field Electrospinning Process Using a Multi-Axis Robot 2023 D'Alessandro, S.; Pica, A.; Marinozzi, F.; Bini, F.; Cidonio, G.
A network-based algorithm for identifying drug repurposing opportunities for complex diseases 2023 Fiscon, G.; Conte, F.; Paci, P.
Neuroimaging biomarkers toward an optimized and personalized AOT 2020 Ottaviani, M.; Romano, P.; Pournajaf, S.; Goffredo, M.; Marinozzi, F.; Bini, F.; Franceschini, M.; Infarinato, F.
A preliminary test of a novel method for the real time estimation of foot displacement using MIMUs attached to the foot 2023 Porco, I. G.; Solinas, S. M. G.; Lazich, A.; Della Croce, U.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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